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The Prosecutor Who Could Save Baltimore

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Central African Republic: French soldiers face sex abuse allegations

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UK elections: Does the women's vote count?

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Apple Watch put to the test

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Bread, a French tradition

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Lebanon's Roumieh prison: Iron-fist policy against a jihadist hub

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Syria: On the trail of looted antiquities

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Are you ready to rumble? Mayweather-Pacquiao is biggest payday in sports history

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Latest update : 2010-01-02

Yemen: "militants ready to attack"

In today’s press review, we talk about the terrorist threat in Yemen following the failed Christmas day plot.


The Christmas day plot continues to make the headlines this morning. President Obama has denounced a “systemic failure”.
According to the New York Times, US Intelligence services could have prevented the plot if they hadn’t missed the signals.
Two officials claim that US authorities had received information before Friday that militants in Yemen were talking about a “Nigerian” preparing for a terrorist attack.
The British newspaper The Daily Express warns that some “300 militants are ready to attack from Yemen”.
Yemen’s foreign minister warned Britain yesterday, of further suicide attacks by Al Qaeda militants. He appealed for international help to tackle the terror network.
In other news, the execution of a British man in China yesterday, has caused outrage in Great Britain.
Akmal Shaikh was accused of smuggling four kilos of heroin. The China Daily insists that the “Execution was proper”.
A top court in China says the man was not mentally ill, as claimed by his supporters.
Meanwhile, two French women are returning home, after 18 months in jail.
They were sentenced to eight years in prison in the Dominican Republic, accused of smuggling cocaine.
According to the newspaper Le Monde, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife helped with their early release. Carla Bruni was “deeply involved in the case”, says the article.
And finally, it seems cosmetic surgency was a popular Christmas present this year. The Guardian reports that the demand for surgical procedures rose by 50% in December.


By Aurore Cloe DUPUIS



2015-05-01 police

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2015-05-01 Central African Republic

'How can you say that Charlie Hebdo is racist if you don’t speak French?'

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2015-04-30 Central African Republic

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