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Colombia comes to France

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#THE 51%

The last taboo: Helping women and girls. Period.

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Who benefits when the ice caps melt?

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Frustration mounts over state of economy in Nigeria

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Will global warming ruin French wine production?

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The birth of a film industry: Hollywood and World War I

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'Accusations of terrorism are false', says Qatar's foreign minister

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'Philando Castile's death poses questions that still need answering'

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Costco piles products high to lure French consumers

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An overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday live at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2010-01-06

Winter sales start, underlining gender gap

The Winter sales starts in France today. An opportunity to spend that is heavily regulated by the French government : limited to 5 weeks every 6 months. 'Liberation', the French left-leaning daily, reveals a few of today's main spending trends.

5 weeks of hostilities : it's the winter sales, starting today, until February 9th. The sales in France stands for gender gaps and heavy regulations, as revealed by Liberation.

Men do it fast, while women like to linger. In all, men spend 1.4 days doing the sales, while women spend 2.1 days per year. Despite that, both spend nearly 200 euros on average on the bargains.

Meanwhile, the sales are subject to heavyweight legal regulations : 5 weeks in winter,
5 weeks in summer, and 2 weeks of floating sales. None of the year-round sales seen in the United States or Great Britain. That makes the French particularly enthusiastic shoppers during the sales period.

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2017-06-23 Brexit

'Philando Castile's death poses questions that still need answering'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Fri. 23.06.17: British Prime Minister Theresa May gets a warm welcome at a two-day EU summit in Brussels, but many papers expect a clash to come....

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2017-06-23 weather

When it's hot, how much skin can you show at work?

FRENCH PAPERS - Fri. 23.06.17: One year after the Brexit referendum, many French papers are still holding out hope that the UK will remain in the EU. Meanwhile, the photo of the...

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2017-06-22 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's 'Prince of Chaos'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 22.06.17: The Washington Post gets a glimpse of the Senate Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act - criticised as a "stingier" version...

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2017-06-22 Emmanuel Macron

Macron's government, take two: 'Reviewed and corrected'

FRENCH PRESS - Thurs. 22.06.2017: The re-appointment of the French government following legislative elections is usually just a formality, but Emmanuel Macron had to make several...

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2017-06-21 Portugal

Portugal's papers soul-searching after deadly fires

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Thursday, June 21: Portuguese papers are soul-searching today as they try to make sense of devastating fires that have killed dozens of people. Also, the...

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