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Latest update : 2010-01-07

France discusses carbon tax online

In this edition, the blogosphere reacts to the carbon tax’s forthcoming arrival in France and the web recalls the only man to have survived two atomic bombs.

France: carbon tax

The French Governments has announced that the new carbon tax, which replaces the first version, abolished at the end of December, by the Constitutional Council, will enter into force on July one in France. A tax aiming to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change.

As explained by this blogger, the modified version of the original text will impose the tax on the most polluting French companies. He recalls that these companies were totally exonerated from paying the tax in the first version.

News which delights this French net user, who feels the tax will be beneficial for the planet. He deems it normal to tax energy-consuming products or industries and he calls on his fellow citizens to suggest further measures which could be adopted.

This blogger hopes that the future tax will encourage entrepreneurs to develop greener industries. Nonetheless he admits fearing numerous relocations to countries less stringent in terms of pollution.

However, the adoption of a carbon tax does not please everyone. This site, for example, lists the negative aspects of the new law. According to detractors, French companies could be penalised with regards international competition and the effects of the tax are hard to forecast.

Meanwhile, for the most curious, it is already possible to make an online calculation of how much carbon tax will cost private individuals, with simulators such as this.

Tsutomy Yamaguchi

He was the only man to have officially survived the two atomic bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, on August six and nine 1945. Tsutomu Yamaguchi died on Wednesday at the age of ninety three.

As recalled by the site, the man waited sixty three years to be recognised in March as the only human to have been victim to two atomic bombs. Visiting Hiroshima on August six, he survived the first bomb, before going home to Nagasaki and witnessing the terror a second time, three days later.

But many victims of the bombings are still able to bear testimony to the horror. Video and audio accounts have been collected by this website. Michiyoshi Nitta recounts the moment when the first bomb hit Hiroshima.

Finally on the web, many extracts from the animation film, ‘Barefoot Gen’ are circulating. Adapted from the manga by Nakazawa, also a victim, it retraces the story of the bombing and the trauma suffered by Japanese society.



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