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French and noble in 2018: What remains of France's aristocracy?

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Latest update : 2010-01-21

Interview with Haitian President in Le Monde

René Préval says he is back in control of the country and supports the implication of the American military in the rescue effort after the earthquake. This and other stories in today's French press review.

René Préval spoke to Le Monde yesterday, saying he is back in control of Haiti. He speaks about the difficulties logistically in bringing his ministers together after the earthquake. Immediately after it struck, he tried to contact them by phone but lines were down. He could not bring everyone together because of the devastation wreaked on roads and transport generally. Asked about concerns regarding the country’s sovereignty after images of an American helicopter landing on the lawn of the Presidential Palace appeared in the world’s media yesterday, he insisted it was the only place in the centre of the capital where the helicopter could land and if the lawn of the executive building could be used for the humanitarian effort, then it was justified.

Other stories covered in today’s French papers:

Libération: Claude Guéant, one of Nicolas Sarkozy’s chief advisors is under the spotlight. Does this man who has never been elected hold too much power?

La Croix: An annual poll carried out by La Croix and TNS pollsters examines what stories were given too much coverage in the media in the past year and what stories were not covered enough.

Libération: Housekeeping lessons for men





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Aisle be there (not)! Meghan Markle's dad can't attend royal wedding after all

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2018-05-15 Israeli-Palestinian conflict

'Euphoria in Israel with a taste of Palestinian blood'

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