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Syria alleged chemical attack: Gunfire delays deployment of weapons inspectors

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Cashing in on local French currencies

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Life on the canals of northern France

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What lies ahead for Cuba after the Castros?

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Discovering and harnessing the power of the sun

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#THE 51%

Harmful for your health: When gender bias affects medical diagnosis

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Africa’s donkeys slaughtered for Chinese ‘miracle elixir’

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Latest update : 2010-02-05

“Tough road ahead” for Northern Ireland politics, despite policing deal

Northern Irish politicians have finally agreed on one of the most persistent sticking points of the two-decade long negotiations for devolved government, yet there are still many challenges ahead, says John Murray Brown in the Financial Times.

It’s a big step forward for devolved government in Northern Ireland. Policing and justice issues are now to be dealt with by the Belfast authorities instead of London. However John Murray Brown writing for the Financial Times says Northern Ireland still has many issues to resolve. The four-party coalition government has few policy achievements, he says.
A politics professor at Queens University Belfast, Rick Wilford remarked, “There is little sense so far of policies with a “made in Northern Ireland” stamp.”
This is because policy-making is still very sectarian; it still comes down to “us” or “them” in several key areas of government, notably education and housing policies.
Stephen Farry of the cross-community Alliance Party noted, “If you take North Belfast, there is huge overcrowding in Catholic areas but they can’t move into unused housing in the Protestant area because that would cause a riot.”
Thee cross-community Alliance Party is likely to be charged with the policing dossier as perhaps the only impartial party in Northern Ireland politics. Farry says that the problem with continued sectarianism is it costs a lot of money. There is a duplication of many services such as healthcare, leisure centers and schools, all of which costs the Northern Ireland authorities some £1 billion a year.
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2018-04-20 United Kingdom

A reflection of our times: More women, more young people in Time 100 list for 2018

IN THE PAPERS - Friday, April 20: The British papers put pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May over her handling of the Windrush scandal, affecting children of Caribbean...

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2018-04-19 Donald Trump

'Badass': Accolades pour in for Southwest pilot who landed plane after engine failure

IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, April 19: We look at reactions to an expected meeting in the coming months between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. There's much scepticism, though, about...

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2018-04-19 France

Emmanuel Macron in Berlin: Will Europe's superhero succeed?

IN THE PAPERS - Thursday, April 19: In France, ongoing strikes continue to create chaos as students, health professionals and civil servants join the movement to air their...

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2018-04-18 Malta

'Who really killed Daphne Caruana Galizia?'

Wednesday, April 18, 2018: Six months after the Maltese investigative reporter was killed in a car bomb, a team of international journalists vow to uncover the mastermind behind...

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2018-04-18 Cuba

Cuba's power handover: 'End of the Castro era' or 'political theatre'?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018: After nearly 60 years under the Castros, a new president will be taking the reins in Cuba. But is it really a new era? As one Cuban exile writes in the...

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