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Latest update : 2010-02-19

The web reacts to Greek crisis

Today on the net: The web comments on the economic crisis in Greece. Iceland is considering a law which aims to guarantee freedom of expression online. And fans of the film Avatar invade a forest in the US state of Wisconsin.


Greece is under pressure from the European Union, who has given Athens one month to prove it can reduce its deficit and avoid getting other European countries involved. Reactions online. 10
On his blog, the journalist Jean Quatremer notes that Greece’s partners in the euro zone will not ease up on the pressure, as they do not fully trust this country that has often cheated in the past. He does not believe that the Euro Group will help Greece for nothing, who has their work cut out in setting things right. 16
This video from the New York Times is in agreement. A journalist states that Greece will have to tighten it’s belt, even if this could result in a social crisis.
On Agoravox, this web user reminds us that the Union countries will have no choice but to help Greece. In fact, in the worst case scenario, the country’s bankruptcy he thinks it would be inconceivable as it would bring the entire monetary union down with it. 13
Meanwhile, some prefer to look at the positive side of the crisis : like this commentator from the online channel Décideurs TV.  
« Thank you Greece, for having made us realize that we must reduce public spending. This crisis could be the opportunity to establish governance over the euro zone, it’s urgent and it has not yet been done. If I had to paint a picture, I’d say we need to repair a car but we also need to build the workshop.”
Finally, this blogger clears Greece from some of the responsibility. He explains that the government’s resources come mainly from their maritime industry, trade with countries in the Middle East, and tourism. But he says with a strong euro and the current economic crisis, these three sources of income have been reduced. He states then that the country would have been affected by the crisis even if the state had been more rigorous.
While many governments in the world are trying to establish control over the web, since Tuesday, the Icelandic parliament has been considering a proposed bill aimed at guaranteeing freedom of expression on the Internet. This initiative, called “Icelandic Modern Media Initiative » or « IMMI », is looking especially at protecting communications and sources as well as banning filtering. 18
Julian Assange, the co-founder of the site Wikileaks, who was involved in drawing up the bill, thinks this initiative is arriving at just the right moment. In this video he says that the IMMI is focusing it’s attention essentially on the transparency and independence of information. He thinks these measures are vital, as more and more journalists the world over are complaining about no longer having secure means for expression.
The French citizens group the “Quadrature du net” says that if this bill is adopted then Iceland will become a model for the rest of the world in terms of freedom of expression. It also explains that the project is compiled of the world’s best existing legislation in order to guarantee this freedom to citizens and to journalists. 15
This blogger thinks the bill could transform Iceland into a refuge for journalists and other media groups who wish to approach sensitive subjects. And he wonders if in the future Iceland will be to journalism what Cayman Islands are to tax evaders: a haven where no one can touch them. 15
Meanwhile, this web users states that Iceland is not planning to adopt such a bill solely to protect freedom of expression. He reminds us that the country’s economy is very fragile, and the mass arrival of media groups could be a way to boost it.
SIGNSPOTTING.COM is a compilation of the weirdest or most incomprehensible signs in the world. A site which even if it cannot help you find your way, it will most certainly make you smile.
Coalition of the Willing is a collaborative animated film which aims to remobilize activists after the failure of the Copenhagen summit, and advise them on how to handle their campaign. The film, crafted by 20 artists, who will each be responsible for part of the script, will be uploaded in several waves over a 6 week period. The first four extracts are already available.
Attention all fans of « Avatar », the latest film from James Cameron, this amusing video is just for you. A group of Americans from Wisconsin decided to do some role playing in which the participants painted themselves blue and replayed scenes from the film, scenes which have already become cult. An original game, where the main aim is to have fun …



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