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New York police seek Naomi Campbell in 'assault' on chauffeur

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Latest update : 2010-03-03

British supermodel Naomi Campbell was wanted for questioning by New York police on Tuesday after her driver accused her of assaulting him.

AFP - Police said Tuesday they wanted supermodel Naomi Campbell for questioning in connection with an assault on her chauffeur as they drove through New York.
Police said Campbell's driver reported being struck so hard that his face slammed against the steering wheel of the moving Cadillac Escalade, bruising him beneath the right eye.
"An individual who said he was driving as the chauffeur for the model Naomi Campbell reported to a traffic enforcement officer... that she had assaulted him by hitting him in the back of the neck, causing his head to hit the steering wheel," police spokesman Paul Browne told AFP.
 The driver told police he was driving Campbell through east Manhattan in the black Cadillac when she struck him.
He then stopped the car and went to speak to a traffic officer at the scene, who called the police, Browne said. The driver was treated for a "minor injury under his eye."
"The driver said Miss Campbell had fled the scene on foot," Browne said. "We have to speak to her. We have not done so yet. We have not located her. We need to."
A spokesman for the British model said she should not be judged too quickly as there was "more to the story than meets the eye," NBC News reported.
Campbell already has a record of violent tantrums.
In 2008 she pleaded guilty to assaulting police officers in London's Heathrow Airport. She also pleaded guilty to throwing her cell phone at a maid in New York.

Date created : 2010-03-03