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Nigerian air force mistakenly bombs refugee camp killing at least 50 people

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Brexit Means Hard Brexit

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Hard Brexit, here we come: UK to leave EU common market (part 1)

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Hard Brexit, here we come: The blowback against globalisationt (part 2)

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Art on the wire and online: Jean-Hubert Martin on curating in cyberspace

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Inside China's answer to Silicon Valley

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Behind the scenes at China's Harbin snow festival

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'Donald Trump is a great friend of Israel'

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Davos 2017: World Economic Forum wary of post-Brexit future

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An overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday live at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2010-03-09

Pigs attack fast-food restaurant in protest against halal menu!

In a suburb of Lyon yesterday, 40 right-wing demonstrators broke into a “Quick” fast-food restaurant wearing pig masks to protest against the chain serving halal burgers. TUESDAY, 9th MARCH, 2010

“Quick” is a fast-food chain similar to McDonalds found across France. Recently the chain caused a stir by announcing that some of its restaurants which have a high percentage of Muslim customers would henceforth serve halal food only. The difference between a halal burger and a regular burger is imperceptible but bacon seems to be off the menu in these restaurants to ensure that Muslim customers are catered for in full.
The right-wing “Front National” party criticized the move as did some main-stream political parties, stating that it discriminated against those who did not want to eat halal burgers (despite the difference being virtually nil).
Le Nouvel Observateur this morning publishes a story about 40 protestors who filed into a Quick restaurant in Lyon… disguised as pigs!! The youths
Shouted through megaphones and said they were “defending their identity in the face of “massive immigration”. They left before the police arrived but the restaurant plans to file a complaint.
Other articles in today’s French papers:
Le Figaro: French PM Fillon steps up the pace in advance of regional elections
Libération: How the UMP’s strategy for regionals has failed
La Croix: Editorial: “Nigeria’s demons”




2017-01-17 Brexit

'Great Brexpectations'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Tues. 17.01.17: In the UK, Theresa May is set to give a speech in which she will present a 12-point plan for Brexit. British papers are calling it her most...

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2017-01-17 Donald Trump

Trump's anti-European 'attack'

FRENCH PAPERS - Tues. 17.01.17: French papers react to comments US President-elect Donald Trump made in interviews with European papers published this weekend. Papers across the...

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2017-01-16 Donald Trump

Donald Trump's busy weekend

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Monday, January 16: Donald Trump has had a busy weekend. He was criticised by CIA Director John Brennan and he gave multiple interviews, including one of...

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2017-01-16 Emmanuel Macron

France's electricity grid under pressure amid cold snap

IN THE FRENCH PAPERS - Monday, January 16: Papers react to the second debate between the candidates for the left-wing primary, which is judged more lively than the first....

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2017-01-13 Russia

British spy allegedly linked to Trump dossier 'in hiding'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Fri. 13.01.17: Britain papers focus on the former spy whose name has been linked to the explosive dossier on alleged links between Donald Trump and Russia....

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