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FARC disarmament a 'historic day' for Colombia, says president

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Cruise collections: All aboard for Dior and Chanel's latest fashions

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Colombia comes to France

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#THE 51%

The last taboo: Helping women and girls. Period.

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Who benefits when the ice caps melt?

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Frustration mounts over state of economy in Nigeria

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Will global warming ruin French wine production?

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The birth of a film industry: Hollywood and World War I

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'Accusations of terrorism are false', says Qatar's foreign minister

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Political and social events from the Americas, with exclusive reports and interviews. Every Wednesday at 5.45 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2010-03-12

Chile: aid pours in, order restored

In this edition: a return to calm in Chile - as the country mourns the victims of the devastating earthquake, looters have handed back millions of dollars worth of stolen goods; disagreement in Washington as a House committee votes to label the killing of Armenians a genocide, but the Obama administration says it will try to stop the move; and we go inside the classroom at a Baptist University in Virginia, where the Bible is the main textbook.

Programme prepared by Laure Manent and Gregory White



2017-06-22 Uber

Travis Kalanick: Uber boss steps down amid controversy

It's been eight years since Uber came onto the scene and shook things up with its ride-hailing app that matches drivers with passengers. In that time, the company has been hit by...

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2017-06-14 Venezuela

Censorship in Venezuela: Journalists find novel ways to get the news out

In Venezuela, violent protests against the president have been going on for the past two months. The situation is becoming increasingly difficult for journalists there, faced...

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2017-06-07 racism

USA: White supremacists recruiting on campus

In the United States, an NGO accuses white supremacists of stepping up their recruitment efforts on college campuses across the country. It links the phenomenon to the election...

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2017-06-01 Venezuela

Venezuela's ‘Green Cross’: First aiders on the front line

This week start out in Venezuela, where two months of daily protests have left almost 80 people dead and hundreds more injured. With the support of firefighters and health...

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2017-05-24 Venezuela

Is Venezuela on the verge of anarchy?

In Venezuela, anti-government protests continue, with opponents of Socialist President Nicolas Maduro saying they have no intention of backing down. Amid violent demonstrations,...

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