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Latest update : 2010-03-15

Record highs for abstention and Socialist Party

The first round of the regional elections delivered a “warning” to the UMP Party, says Le Parisien/Aujourd’hui en France. Meanwhile, the left-leaning paper Libération celebrates the Socialist Party’s result: “Phew!” reads its somewhat biased front-page headline. MONDAY, 15th MARCH, 2010

Several papers this morning have translated the results of this weekend’s regional elections as a protest vote against the Socialist Party. For Le Parisien/Aujourd’hui en France, it’s a “warning” to Nicolas Sarkozy, as the front-page headline reads. The UMP Party at some 27% has registered the lowest score for the French conservatives in the history of the Fifth Republic. Meanwhile, the Socialist Party at 29% got its highest result in 50 years.
The left-leaning Libération seems somewhat smug given the Socialist Party’s high score. “Phew! The Left makes a comeback” , it says.
The right-leaning Le Figaro is more reticent on its front page about the Socialist Party’s victory, calling the result for the left a “surge” in voting. The paper also focuses on the high absention rate at over 53.5%
Business paper les Echos speaks about the far-right National Front party being a “nuisance” – it got over 12% and will go through to the second and final round of voting next weekend in a dozen of the 26 regions.
Abstention is also the focus of France Soir with a photo of an empty voting station on the front page and the headline “Troubling absention”.
Other stories in today’s French papers:
L’Humanité: Death of Jean Ferrat
Libération: Mystery of a crying picture of the Virgin Mary in Paris suburbs




2015-01-30 France

Is France's desire to combat terrorism tipping over into hysteria?

The international press examines the revelation that police in France have questioned an 8-year-old child over his comments defending terrorism. Also, publications in Jordan call...

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2015-01-30 Paris

'Why was an 8-year-old boy questioned by police?'

We look at the French newspapers as the debate rages over the rights and wrongs of police questioning an 8-year-old child over his comments defending terrorism. Also, in the wake...

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2015-01-29 Greece

'Who will follow in Charlie Hebdo's footsteps?'

FRENCH PAPERS - Thurs. 29.01.15: French papers focus on what Syriza’s victory means for Greek politics, political unity in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack and the annual...

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2015-01-29 Israel

Searching for a 'blizzard buddy'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 29.01.15: Papers across the world focus on tensions in the Middle East after deadly clashes between Israel and Hezbollah along the Lebanese border....

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2015-01-28 French economy

'There have never been so many jobseekers in France'

FRENCH PAPERS - Weds. 28.01.15: French papers focus on bad news on the economic front with a new rise in unemployment figures in December. Business paper Les Echos points out...

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