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Latest update : 2010-03-23

Web users comment on Obama's Iranian video

In this edition : Barack Obama addresses Iran on the occasion of the Persian New Year. The web reacts. In Singapore, the blogosphere debates the merits of the death penalty for drug traffickers. And an information site denouncing the misdeeds of the rich and powerful.


As was the case last year, Barack Obama has used the Iranian New Year, the Nowruz, which was celebrated on Sunday, as an opportunity to address the authorities of the Islamic Republic. The message was delivered on Friday, via the White House’s web site. The US president stated that he is still willing to talk with Iran if they so wish. The blogosphere comments on this approach.
This blogger thinks it is a good decision. He says this strategy is more likely to show success in the long run than the warlike attitude of Obama’s predecessors. And he congratulates the US president for having offered his support to the Iranian people and his fight for freedom.
A similar sentiment is expressed by this American web user who thinks the Iranian authorities should not let this historic occasion pass them by. He believes that Iran is lucky to be dealing with an administration open to talks, which undoubtedly will not always be the case.
This Iranian man does not share the same enthusiasm; he criticizes Obama’s decision to offer an olive branch to the government. He does not consider the government to be legitimate and feels that the United States should negotiate with its members. 
Finally, the Iranian New Year was also the occasion for Mir Hussein Mousavi, the leader of the opposition, to once more challenge the authorities. In this video, posted online on Thursday, he calls for a New Year of perseverance and patience. 
Should the death penalty be mandatory for drug traffickers in Singapore? The debating has begun in the City-State, where the appeal trial for Yong Vui Kong is currently taking place. This 21 year old Malaysian man was originally sentenced to death for attempting to smuggle 47 g of heroin into the country.
The local blogosphere is supporting him and is campaigning to change the law. Two young Singaporeans have created this photomontage appealing to the justice system to give Yong a second chance. They stress that the young man, who has been in prison for nearly 3 years, has changed a lot since his incarceration and deserves to be forgiven.
His story has prompted many web users to think about the death penalty. This web user stresses that the worldwide tendency is moving towards its abolition. He thinks the systematic execution of drug traffickers is both inhumane and disproportionate.   
A group of Citizen Journalists has conducted a survey in the country, asking passersby if they agree that the death penalty should be mandatory for drug traffickers. There appear to bemixed opinions on the subject.
This woman believes this punishment is too severe and that offenders should be given the opportunity to repent.
This young man however believes that it has a dissuasive effect. He thinks the death penalty is essential in protecting society from the detrimental effects of drugs.
The aim of this new information site is to expose the misdeeds of the ‘entitled class’. The site was inspired by the fall of the financial swindler Bernard Madoff. By compiling press articles, the creators of the site hope to denounce those who spend their time squandering the working classes money, and they have made a list of people – politicians, big bosses or actors – they believe should be in prison.
Here’s an idea which should be a hit with space enthusiasts. One American web user has created a map indicating precisely where and when in the world the next total solar eclipses will take place. So, if you want to witness this phenomenon in Europe, you will have to wait until at least 2026. It will be possible however to see a total solar eclipse in Memphis, in the US on the 21st August 2017.
Darth Vader is perhaps not as evil as one would think. In this video from the environmental organization WWF, the famous Star wars villain is inviting web users the world over to take part in “Earth Hour” on the 27th of March. Objective: save energy by turning off the lights for one hour. The initiative shows that the dark side is not always harmful, particularly when it’s about protecting the environment.


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