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Macron vs. Le Pen: France's bitter presidential run-off race (part 1)

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France's wartime past takes centre stage in presidential campaign

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#TECH 24

How one NGO is using 3D printers to improve disaster relief

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What remains of Nicaragua’s revolution?

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Macron vs Le Pen: The battle for France's top job

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Paris's Louis Vuitton Foundation showcases contemporary African art

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An overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday live at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2010-03-24

Sarkozy backs down from plan to tax carbon dioxide emissions

One of Sarkozy’s most prominent initiatives, the so-called ‘carbon tax’, has been shelved. The French Prime Minister François Fillon has deferred the proposed tax indefinitely as the UMP party attempts to win back voters after catastrophic regional elections. WEDNESDAY, 24th MARCH 2010

Both Libération and le Figaro lead with the deferral of Sarkozy’s proposed “carbon tax”. Libération’s editorial says that while the carbon tax was never popular with the UMP party on the ground, Sarkozy had defended it vociferously. This is an embarrassing turn around for the President who had branded the tax as his initiative which other European countries should also adopt in a bid to limit carbon emissions.  We’ll trust him less now that he has gone back on a key measure, says Libération.
“The French electorate sent a message in the regional elections: we don’t believe in you any more. Nicolas Sarkozy answered yesterday that they were right to think this.”
Other articles in today’s French papers:
Le Figaro: Fillon delays the carbon tax
La Tribune: editorial on carbon tax
Le Parisien : Ségolène Royal does not rule out Presidential bid
France Soir: “The battle of the ladies”
Aujourd’hui en France: French company to provide new Roosevelt Island cable car
L’Equipe: Amateur team Quevilly qualify for semi-finals of Coupe de France
Normandie: Quevilly celebrate victory over Boulogne




2017-04-28 Barack Obama

Barack Obama under fire over $400,000 speaking gig

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Friday, April 28: The media battle heats up: France's presidential hopefuls Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are accused by the Russian and French press of...

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2017-04-28 French Presidential Elections 2017

Teacher's pet vs party girl: Macron and Le Pen's younger years

IN THE FRENCH PAPERS - Friday, April 28: Le Parisien headlines on the public image battle between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, both using campaign photo opportunities to...

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2017-04-27 Donald Trump

Trump's tax reform: A 'home run' or 'laughable stunt'?

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Thursday, April 27: It's the classic divide: the left-leaning press rip apart Donald Trump's tax reform, but the conservative press call it a "home run"....

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2017-04-27 Emmanuel Macron

'It's War!' Le Pen and Macron in showdown at Whirlpool factory

IN THE FRENCH PAPERS - Thursday, April 27: "It's war": that's how the papers are reporting an epic photo op showdown between presidential hopefuls Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel...

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2017-04-26 French Presidential Elections 2017

Marine Le Pen, a 'normal' candidate?

IN THE FRENCH PAPERS - Wednesday, April 26: Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen continues her aggressive campaigning by courting those who may abstain from voting in the...

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