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Donors pledge millions at Uganda refugee summit

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Depp plumbs depths of bad taste

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France's new frontman, America's absent center, May's Brexit gambit, Saudi royal reshuffle, after Mosul & Raqqa fall

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Senegal’s Casamance hopes for new era of peace

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FARC disarmament a 'historic day' for Colombia, says president

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Cruise collections: All aboard for Dior and Chanel's latest fashions

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Colombia comes to France

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#THE 51%

The last taboo: Helping women and girls. Period.

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Who benefits when the ice caps melt?

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An overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday live at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2010-03-25

Sarkozy ‘redefines his priorities’

In a speech last night, Nicolas Sarkozy outlined his political priorities after the disastrous result for the UMP party in regional elections. Le Figaro says the President wanted to show that he’s still in charge. For Libération, his speech showed a swing to the right in his policies. THURSDAY, 25th MARCH, 2010

Today’s papers are in large part covering the aftermath of last weekend’s regional elections. Le Figaro and Libération analyse Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech last night – his first since the vote. Also, was the Prime Minister François Fillon asked by Sarkozy not to speak on television for fear of overshadowing the President? And what will happen to Xavier Darcos now that he has been removed from the cabinet? The former Employment Minister was due to implement a reform of retirement – one of Sarkozy’s top priorities for 2010 – but after a poor result in the regional elections, Darcos was effectively fired.
The other big story in the papers: controversial right-wing columnist Eric Zemmour is under fire for what some deem racist comments. Le Parisien covers the fall out.
Here are the articles we looked at in today’s French papers:
Le Parisien : Eric Zemmour controversy
Le Figaro : Sarkozy insists he will continue his reforms
Libération : Sarkozy sings the same old tune
Le Parisien: Fillon asked by Sarkozy not to appear on evening news
Le Monde : Xavier Darcos to run Versailles?




2017-06-23 Brexit

'Philando Castile's death poses questions that still need answering'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Fri. 23.06.17: British Prime Minister Theresa May gets a warm welcome at a two-day EU summit in Brussels, but many papers expect a clash to come....

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2017-06-23 weather

When it's hot, how much skin can you show at work?

FRENCH PAPERS - Fri. 23.06.17: One year after the Brexit referendum, many French papers are still holding out hope that the UK will remain in the EU. Meanwhile, the photo of the...

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2017-06-22 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's 'Prince of Chaos'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 22.06.17: The Washington Post gets a glimpse of the Senate Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act - criticised as a "stingier" version...

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2017-06-22 Emmanuel Macron

Macron's government, take two: 'Reviewed and corrected'

FRENCH PRESS - Thurs. 22.06.2017: The re-appointment of the French government following legislative elections is usually just a formality, but Emmanuel Macron had to make several...

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2017-06-21 Portugal

Portugal's papers soul-searching after deadly fires

IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Thursday, June 21: Portuguese papers are soul-searching today as they try to make sense of devastating fires that have killed dozens of people. Also, the...

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