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Latest update : 2010-04-27

The web reacts to a Hamas produced video concerning Gilad Shalit

In this edition : The web reacts to a Hamas produced video concerning Gilad Shalit; a Venezuelan satirical animated series is proving a huge hit with web users; and a viral campaign where you can see through the eyes of a homeless person for 24 hours.


The video was posted on the Hamas web site on Sunday. It depicts Noam Shalit, the father of Gilad Shalit, the young Israeli soldier captured by the Palestinian Islamic movement around four years ago. In this animated film, the father is walking the streets of an Israeli town. We see him grow older, as governments and their promises to get his son freed, follow on from one another. Gilad Shalit ends up coming home in a coffin. But it is all just a bad dream, because according to the message at the end of the film, there is still hope. Hamas’ objective is clear: put pressure on Israel to free Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the soldier Shalit.

This Israeli mother of soldiers is outraged by the blackmail. On Twitter she condemns the cruelty of this video that she considers to be mental torture for the family.

And in the meantime, the blogosphere continues to mobilise for the Franco-Israeli soldier.

Israeli web users are circulating this video in particular. It’s a message posted online last week by Noam Shalit.

A day of action has been organized on Facebook today, in support of the young man. Web users have been invited to dress in white to show they have not forgotten the soldier Shalit. Around 400 000 web users have responded to the appeal.


Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Alvaro Uribe, Lula and another ten or so heads of state from South America on a desert island. This is the scenario for “Presidential island”, a satirical animated series created in Venezuela, currently enjoying huge success online.

For the moment two episodes are available online. In the first the Brazilian president Lula invites his counterparts to join him on his yacht for a cruise. The party is interrupted when the boat is hit by a storm. The Brazilian president is at the helm and is trying to hold his course, whilst the Colombian Alvaro Uribe on his right and the Venezuelan Hugo Chavez on his left are both trying to steer the rudder in their direction. Result: the group shipwrecks on an island and they have to survive on their own.

The video has been watched over one million times in two months. And thousands of people are following the castaways’ adventures on social networks and eagerly awaiting the next episode.


Juan Andrès Ravell created the series and is financing its production with two friends. In this interview given to a Spanish web TV, he says the Internet was a way around censorship.

Political humour is very rare on Venezuelan waves ever since Hugo Chavez had the private television channel RCTV shut down at the beginning of the year. So, now critical minds are expressing themselves via the web. The Venezuelan president has also expressed interest in moving online and last month he announced his intention to start his own blog.


The famous American magazine Rolling Stone, created in San Francisco in 1967 has made all its archives available online. On you can access covers, reviews and interviews with rock and pop legends, The Beatles, MGMT as well as Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain. All for 3,95 dollars per month.


24 hours through the eyes of the homeless is the theme of the latest campaign from the SAMU, France’s emergency ambulance service. It’s a 24 hour online film about being homeless in Paris. 4 homeless people were provided with mini cameras incorporated into a pair of glasses. These images give us an idea of the difficulties faced by those who have nothing. The campaign’s hard hitting slogan is “the street, easy to enter, hard to escape”


With the cinema release of the 2nd opus in the Iron Man adventures, fans of the Marvel superhero have had some fun in giving him roles in several cinema classics. These are particularly well-made short sequences depicting him in Bridget Jones’ Diary as well as Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze.



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