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Live from the newsroom, we provide an overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.



Latest update : 2010-05-10

“The EU or Absurdistan”

In today’s French press review we focus on the European Union’s 500 billion euro emergency fund.

The left-wing newspaper Libération talks about “Europe’s last chance”.
It describes the deal as a “mega plan” of hundreds of billions euros that could finance up to four states. According to the article, the crisis has shown has “dysfunctional” Europe really is.
The communist newspaper L’Humanité points the finger at liberalism, whereas the right-wing newspaper Le Figaro blames socialism.
Its editorial says the current crisis is due to an ideological issue, where EU members mostly lean towards the right, yet use socialist policies.
At the end of June, Belgium is expected to take the EU’s presidency. According to Le Figaro, that is worrying considering Belgium is caught in an ongoing political turmoil.
Meanwhile, France Soir claims the French will not escape an austerity plan.
France has decided to slice public spending to avoid a Greek-like scenario.
As a result, the Government will cut off electricity on several motorways.
Aujourd’hui en France says it could help save more than a million euros, but could put drivers’ safety at risk.
And finally, the Gerard Ceremony is due to take place tonight. Read more about the Cannes Festival parody in Le Figaro.

By Aurore Cloe DUPUIS



2014-11-21 Barack Obama

'Obama, Daring Congress, Acts to Overhaul Immigration'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Fri. 21.11.14: Lots of papers focus on the sweeping changes to the US immigration system outlined by President Barack Obama yesterday. Obama’s initiative...

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2014-11-21 European Commission

D-Day for the 'Five Musketeers'

FRENCH PAPERS - Fri. 21.11.14: France face Switzerland in the Davis Cup tennis final today. Le Parisien says it's D-Day for the "five Musketeers" as they try to win the title for...

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2014-11-20 Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Forget bony, perky and perfect Barbie. Meet 'normal Barbie'!

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 20.11.14: Papers across the world continue to focus on the aftermath of Tuesday's deadly synagogue attack in Jerusalem. According to the Washington...

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2014-11-20 Islamic State (IS)

France's 'football mafia'

FRENCH PAPERS - Thurs. 20.11.14: Papers continue to focus on the latest Islamic State group video released on Sunday after a second French citizen was identified. Also, scandal...

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2014-11-19 jihad

A dark day for French football

FRENCH PAPERS - Weds. 19.11.14: French papers focus on events on Tuesday which were deemed a "dark day for French football". Police took four Marseille officials into custody...

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