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Text by Marianne NIOSI

Latest update : 2010-05-17

Nelson Rand, FRANCE 24 correspondent in Bangkok, is recovering well after he was shot three times while covering clashes between troops and anti-government protesters in the Thai capital.

FRANCE 24 reporter Nelson Rand, who suffered three gunshot wounds during clashes between anti-government protesters and Thai troops, is recovering well at a Bangkok hospital.

The channel’s executive producer Franck Berruyer, who has flown out to Thailand, said Rand’s condition was stable and the doctors are hopeful of a full recovery

“Nelson was lucky,” he said. “When he was shot he was close by a university hospital. His condition is stable and the doctors are optimistic about his recovery.”

Rand’s most serious injury was to his femoral artery in his thigh. Doctors operated on him on Friday before transferring him to another hospital further away from the ongoing clashes in Bangkok.

The Canadian journalist, who reports for FRANCE 24’s English-language channel, was also shot in his abdomen and hand.

Rand was hit on Friday morning, caught in the crossfire between “Red Shirt” protesters and Thai troops, while he was covering clashes in the centre of the Thai capital.

He was not wearing a helmet or bullet-proof vest, Franck Berruyer explained, adding that many correspondents don’t like them because they hinder movement and are uncomfortable to wear.

Since Thursday, the Thai army has barricaded the protesters who have occupied the Ratchaprasong commercial district of Bangkok.

At least 28 people have been killed and 200 injured in the clashes, including three journalists.

On Wednesday, Thai Colonel Sunsern Kaewkumnerd warned that snipers would be deployed and the use of live rounds had been authorised to counter what he called “armed terrorists”.

Date created : 2010-05-16


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