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Colombia peace deal will be ‘lasting’, FARC rebel leader tells FRANCE 24

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Aleppo Offensive, Renzi Resigns, Trump's Cards (part 2)

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South Korea: An inside look at the K-pop wave

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#THE 51%

Diving back in: Offering support for French mothers returning to work

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Chaotic post-hurricane relief efforts in Haiti

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Cash crunch casualties: India's wedding industry suffers from currency changes

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An overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday live at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.

Latest update : 2010-05-18

Clotilde Reiss: Is she a spy?

One story dominates the French press today: Did Clotilde Reiss work for France's secret service?

A very familiar face is making the headlines here in France: Clotilde Reiss. The French academic was freed on Sunday after being held in Iran for 10 months on espionage charges.

But was she really a spy, Le Parisien asks. In an interview with the paper, Pierre Siramy,  former head of the French secret service, says governments always use students and Clotilde Reiss knew exactly what she was doing. The paper cautions however that Reiss was not hired by the secret service and therefore not paid for her work.

France Soir
is headlining on the same thing: "The strange Clotilde Reiss". Experts quoted by the paper say that she fits the profile of a “non-spy,” as her mother is an Iran specialist and her father works for France's Nuclear Energy Agency (CEA).

Finally, Libération takes a different stand. “Freed from the bearded, but not the spies,” is the paper's headline. Liberation questions whether or not we really care if she was a spy, reporting that secret services used her emails and the information she gave to her colleagues and friends but that Reiss probably never knew about it. The article also points out that these kind of questions could be potentially dangerous for other students abroad, and not just in Iran.




2016-12-09 Boris Johnson

Is Boris Johnson Britain's most undiplomatic chief diplomat?

IN THE INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Friday, December 9: Boris Johnson finds himself in hot water after criticizing British ally Saudi Arabia. There's also a lot of criticism over the...

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2016-12-09 France

Paris pollution: 'Tomorrow we stop breathing'

IN THE FRENCH PAPERS - Friday, December 9: What can France do to combat a crippling pollution problem? Traffic in Paris is restricted for a fourth day as the city and other parts...

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2016-12-08 Paris

Paris pollution: 'What are we waiting for?'

FRENCH PAPERS - Thurs. 08.12.16: France is facing its worst pollution spike in years, as Paris and other cities are cloaked in smog. La Croix asks "What are we waiting for?" amid...

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2016-12-08 Donald Trump

Donald Trump named Time magazine's Person of the Year

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 08.12.16: Donald Trump has been named "Person of the Year" by Time magazine. It's a controversial pick, but The Independent reminds us that far more...

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2016-12-07 education

French educational system 'as mediocre as always'

FRENCH PAPERS - Weds. 07.12.16: France ranks 26th on the OECD's most recent study of student assessment - neither worse nor better than its 2013 score. Right-wing daily Le Figaro...

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