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Paris Men's Fall/Winter 2015, freedom of speech triumphs

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Davos 2015: Businesses 'cautiously optimistic' in Japan

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Twitter storm as IMF boss Christine Lagarde hails Saudi King Abdullah as 'strong advocate of women'

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DR CONGO: Senate amends controversial constitutional law

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Saudi King Abdullah Dies: Succession, Stability and Youth in Question (part 1)

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France tackles terror

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Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO of Schneider Electric: 'France is on a better track'

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Davos debate: Can big business agree on climate deal? (part 2)

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Latest update : 2010-05-24

Abbas rules out return to armed struggle

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, looks at the different options on the table should indirect talks with Israel fail to bring about a breakthrough.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has ruled out the use of armed force against Israel if indirect talks with the Jewish state fail, its leader Mahmoud Abbas told FRANCE 24 in an interview on Monday.  

“It is possible that the negotiations [recently revived under US mediation] should fail," Abbas said, adding that Arab League member states had "foreseen this possibility".
“If we fail to reach an agreement through talks, we will have to turn to the UN Security Council for a resolution. I am opposed to any other alternative, in particular that of armed struggle,” he added.
The Palestinian leader said he believed the issue of a future Israeli-Palestinian border could be “resolved within one or two weeks” if both parties showed “sincere intent”. He suggested a two-state solution with an international military force ensuring security on both sides of the border.
“We have already said we have no problem [with a military presence along the border] as it’s an international force and not the Israeli military”, Abbas said.
The PA's president also rejected Israeli claims that his appeal to boycott products made in Israeli colonies was tantamount to inciting hatred against Israel. “There’s a difference between boycotting products from the Israeli state and boycotting products from Jewish colonies built on Palestinian land”, he explained.
“We have a trade deficit with Israel of three billion dollars, we have no problem with this country”, he concluded.




2015-01-21 Barack Obama

The presidency after Obama: Is Hillary Clinton on her way to the White House?

Two months after the worst electoral slap in the face of his presidency, it was a confident and a confrontational Barack Obama who delivered his sixth State of the Union address...

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2015-01-19 counter-terrorism

Terrorist threat will continue 'for many years to come'

Daniel Benjamin was the US State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism from 2009 to 2012. He explains what is likely to change in France and Europe after the Paris attacks....

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2015-01-17 Barack Obama

Richard Perle: Obama's no-show at Paris rally is a 'revealing mistake'

Former US Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle comments on the terror threat following the recent deadly attacks in Paris. He believes that the threat from Islamic...

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2015-01-14 Armenia

Fatih Akin: Turkey was 'ready’ for a film on Armenian genocide

German-Turkish director Fatih Akin spent seven years working on "The Cut", a film that depicts the Armenian genocide of 1915. He first had the idea after the assassination of...

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2015-01-12 Islamism

'We have to rethink our conception of secularism' after Paris attacks

After the deadly Paris attacks, what can be done to prevent people from turning to terrorism? Pierre Conesa is a former senior French Defence Ministry official and the author of...

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