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Fighting ISIS - What coalition against jihadists?

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Latest update : 2010-06-28

Web-users still mobilized to free Gilad Shalit

The blogosphere mobilizes for the liberation of the Franco-Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The web also pays tribute to Michael Jackson one year after his death, and unusual looking dogs are the talk of the town on the Internet


Four years after the kidnaping of the Franco-Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit by Hamas at the end of June 2006, the web has mobilised once more to keep him in the public eye and to get this young man, now 23 years old, freed as quickly as possible.
Numerous support rallies for the young soldier have been organized all over the world recently, as we see in these online images. In Haifa, in Israel, 4000 balloons were released into the sky in solidarity with Gilad Shalit. In Rome, the authorities decided to turn out the Colosseum lights as a sign of support for this young man in prison.

Even more original was a free Shalit Flotilla, organized in New York. It consisted of 6 boats holding hundreds of activists and circled Manhattan, calling for Hamas to have mercy on the soldier. It echoes the recent ‘Freedom Flotilla’ organized by pro-Palestinian activists to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza strip.
And there is just as much mobilisation on the web. Several sites, like these ones are reminding us that Shalit has already spent over 1460 days in prison and invite web users to express their support for the young man and his family. They can sign this petition demanding Hamas respect the Geneva Convention and allow him to be seen by a doctor.


Meanwhile, diplomatic efforts to obtain soldier Shalit’s liberation continue. And the United States appear to be ready to get involved further as the American ambassador to Israel explains here, he says the situation is unacceptable and has gone on for too long.
Friday 25th June marked the first anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. Throughout the weekend, web users paid tribute to the star who was worshipped all over the world. 
The video sharing platform YouTube has been flooded with videos hailing the King of Pop. Certain fans are even imitating some of the dance steps that made Michael Jackson famous.


Others are paying tribute to him via song. Either by singing one of his tracks or by performing a number created especially for this anniversary, as this French fan is doing.


Many FlashDances have been organized throughout the world. Videos like these ones have been circulating online, filmed in Ajaccio in Corsica and also San Francisco.


And on this website, the more religious amongst us can light a virtual candle in memory of the King of Pop. Fans have generally added a message to the candle explaining how Michael Jackson changed their lives.


Finally, the artist David Ilan, known for his pointillism technique, has launched an original idea: create a portrait of the legend with tiny dots. Each dot represents one fan who has signed up to the site. Ilan hopes to gather 1 million requests. You will be able to follow the development of the portrait, which will progress with the number of inscriptions, on the site.


Toni Ebdon is a 26 year old British mum who has decided to capitalize on her excess of breast milk by selling it online, and she has been very successful. Obviously, buyers include mothers but there also men who are buying it for its healing properties. Toni Ebdon sells her milk for 15 pounds sterling per 237 milliliters, that’s 18 euros. It is sold exclusively via email.


Give your dog a makeover to make it look like a tiger or even a panda : this is the latest trend amongst Chinese dog owners. This new fashion has become an Internet sensation and will most probably soon become a hit elsewhere.
An American marketing company has posted this amusing video online depicting what would happen if whatever took place once we turn on our computers actually happened in real life. A postman would physically place our mail on our desk or we would have to literally press a button before throwing away a file … it’s an original piece of work, and very well made.




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