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The rise of Hindu far-right groups

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Video: San Cristobal, Venezuela's tinderbox

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Rebuilding attacked churches in Niger, and illegal fishing in Iran

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#THE 51%

The extraordinary tale of the Egyptian mother who lived as a man

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Film Show : 'Suite française', 'Shaun the sheep' and 'A perfect man'

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Strait of Hormuz: a smuggler's paradise

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Facebook tracks you, even if you are not a user

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2017 presidential election: a three-horse race?

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Milk shake-up: Protests as EU ends dairy quotas

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Live from the newsroom, we provide an overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.



Latest update : 2010-06-29

FBI “must have clapped collective hands” at outdated Russian spying methods

In today’s international press review, we look at the The Washington Post’s intelligence blog where Jeff Stein analyses the old-fashioned techniques of a Russian spy ring cracked by the FBI. We also look at the Brazilian papers the day after their victory over Chile, Canadian papers analysing the huge number of arrests at last weekend’s G20 summit and finally the Daily Mail has a story of an owner reunited with his dog after five years. TUESDAY, 29th JUNE 2010

 Articles in today’s international press review:

 O Globo: “Ramirez and Kaka provide the key moments in Brazil v Chile”
De Volkskrant : “The ‘Oranges’ to meet Brazil”
Washington Post: Russian spy case reveals old espionage tricks
De Volkskrant: “The Oranges further World Cup against Brazil”
Globe and Mail: “G20-related mass arrests unique in Canadian history”  
Toronto Star: “G20 editorial: Brutal spectacle failed a city and its people”
The Guardian: Editorial: “A moment missed”
Daily Mail: “Jack's back! Dog lost in Ireland is found five years on... in England”





2015-04-01 Nigerian presidential elections

'Nigeria is the winner!'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Weds. 01.04.15: Papers focus on the result of the Presidential election in Nigeria. It's a historic victory for Muhammadu Buhari. He’s the first Nigerian...

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2015-04-01 Manuel Valls

Is there a surveillance device in your smoke detector?

FRENCH PAPERS - Weds. 01.04.15: Prime Minister Manuel Valls is in damage control mode after the Socialist Party's electoral defeat in recent local elections. Papers also focus on...

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2015-03-31 Nigerian presidential elections

'My enemy's enemy?'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Tues. 31.03.15: The top story in the news today is those intense nuclear talks in Switzerland which have entered their final day. The deadline for a...

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2015-03-31 French politics

Hollande: 'Lost in election'

FRENCH PAPERS - Tues. 31.03.15: French papers continue to react to the second round of local departmental elections on Sunday. Seen as an “electoral slap in the face” for the...

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2015-03-30 French elections

The political recovery of France's right

The second round of local elections has seen a resounding victory for the UMP party of former president Nicolas Sarkozy. The National Front made sweeping gains, but fell short of...

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