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On the frontline of horror: editing images from warzones

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Ebola: UN sets target of 60 days to turn things around

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Europe's Desperate Seas: Migrant Deaths Crossing Mediterranean Top 3,000 in 2014

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'All is Well' for Lisa Simone

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EU questions Apple's tax deals in Ireland

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The Iraqi TV show where victims confront terrorists

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Video: Syrian student risks her life to film IS group stronghold

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Forgotten and fictional sports

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Modi in America: India's Prime minister on triumphant US tour

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Political and social events from the Middle East, with exclusive reports and interviews. We also give you the perspective of a journalist from FRANCE 24’s Arabic desk. Every Tuesday at 5.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2010-07-19

Bashar al-Assad, 10 years in power

In Syria, Bashar al Assad celebrates ten years in power. One decade on, Syria has slowly come out of its international isolation. But it treads a fine line between its ties to Iran, and a fragile thaw with Western powers. In Iran, authorities suspend the execution Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. The woman convicted for adultery and sentenced to death by stoning. And in Egypt, smoking is very common among its population, and the government is now trying to introduce a smoking ban in Alexandria.

Programme prepared by Laure Manent and Gregory White



2014-09-23 Yemen

Video: Exclusive footage from jihadist stronghold of Raqqa in Syria

We bring you an exclusive report from the Syrian city of Raqqa, filmed by a female student who wanted to show the situation there after Islamic State group jihadists captured the...

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2014-09-16 Syria

Paris conference: A coalition against the Islamic State group

This week, as world powers discuss how to tackle the Islamic State organisation, some are asking: can their coalition be effective without Iran or Syria? Next, after Iraq and...

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2014-09-09 Yemen

When Western jihadists return home

This week, European governments weigh up how best to deal with the threat of their citizens returning from waging jihad in Iraq and Syria. Next, we take you inside what was once...

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2014-09-02 Islamic State (IS)

Iraq: Water as a weapon of war

In Iraq, water is being used as a weapon of war. We look at how Islamic State militants still control certain key waterways. Next, 50 days of fighting between Israel and Hamas...

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2014-08-26 Yemen

Terrorist ransoms: Should governments pay up for hostages?

This week, US journalist Peter Theo Curtis was released after 22 months in captivity in Syria. But the joy of his freedom was dampened by the horrific beheading of another...

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