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The hunter hunted

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The hunter hunted

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The Allure of Trade: French Foreign Minister seeking closer ties with Tehran part 2

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The Allure of Trade: French Foreign Minister seeking closer ties with Tehran part 1

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Colombian community takes on drug gangs

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Tony Parker backs France to retain European title

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The films of summer 2015

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Israel mulls force-feeding Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

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Obama addresses African Union

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Latest update : 2010-07-26

Oil giants are in yet more trouble - Exxon's been accused of funding climate change deniers

In the international press: oil giants are in hot water, neo-Nazi groups have taken patrolling the Arizona border into their own hands, and there's a boom in cosmetic surgery among Indian teenagers.


But the International Herald Tribune takes the wind out of their sails- the paper says even if it stops now, the spill’s impact on the Gulf coast could last for decades.


The paper says the wildlife around Alaska’s beaches still has not recovered from the Exxon Valdez disaster 21 years ago-


Researches are still finding animals with oil in their organs-


The article also says the coastline of Brittany still hasn’t recovered from an oil tanker spill in 1976 – because French authorities made the situation worse by clearing the oil up with bulldozers.


Clean up crews could be making the same mistakes in Louisiana- the chemical dispersants they’ve used could be as dangerous for birds and fish as the oil itself.


The Times also has oil companies in its sights- their front page says Exxon has given a million pounds to groups that promote scepticism about climate change-


They’ve donated tens of thousands to groups who lobbied against an agreement in Copenhagen in December-


The paper quotes an expert who’s been monitoring Exxon’s links to these groups- he’s quoted as saying Exxon’s PR is pure greenwash and they are actively trying to persuade the public and policymakers into believing climate change is a hoax.


Mexico’s drug violence is in the news again today after 17 teenagers were killed yesterday in a grenade attack-


Violence there is soaring and the Washington Post has been looking at where all the weapons are coming from-


The paper says the gangs are using US army grenades left in Central America after Cold War conflicts in Nicaragua and  El Salvador-


Their investigation shows as many as  27 thousand hand grenades have been trafficked north into Mexico in recent years.


The New York Times has also been looking at the US-Mexico border-


This time at the state of Arizona which of course recently passed a highly controversial immigration law meaning anyone can be arrested on sight if police suspect their documents may not be in order.


Some in the state are taking things further- the Times says neo Nazi gangs have taken border security into their own hands- and are patrolling the desert with their own militias.


They have military fatigues, body armour and assault rifles-


And they belong to the National Socialist Movement, who believe everyone who is not white should leave the country.


Around the world students are looking forward to the new university year with excitement and trepidation-


But according to the Guardian, many university starters in India are so anxious to make a good impression they’re investing in plastic surgery before they start uni.


Cosmetic surgery is booming in the subcontinent- and 18 year olds are one of the biggest markets.


The paper interviewed girls who had their lips enlarged, their chins reduced, and one who even paid 700 euros to have a dimple put in her cheek-


All to make a better impression on her new classmates.






By Elena CASAS



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