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Latest update : 2010-08-30

Dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants

Israel has witnessed a sharp rise in the number of illegal immigrants arriving from Africa. Some of the new arrivals are pushing to be granted refugee status, fleeing persecution and war back home. But the Israeli government has been caught off guard by the sudden influx - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called it a "threat to the Jewish character" of the country.

Thousands of African illegal immigrants are flocking to the Promised Land after fleeing persecution and violence in their homelands, a phenomenon prompting the Jewish state to consider fundamental issues.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared what he calls “the recent flood of illegal workers infiltrating from Africa" into Israel a “concrete threat to the Jewish and democratic character of the country." The Jewish state has been caught off guard by this new phenomenon and has yet to formulate Israel's immigration policy on this issue.

Netanyahu says that most Western nations have already taken action in this domain. Among the measures that local authorities are thinking of putting in place is a fence. Six months ago, Netanyahu visited an area near the border between Israel and Egypt in order to examine the possibility of a fence being installed to prevent illegal border crossings.

By Gallagher Fenwick



2018-03-23 Brexit

Brexit: Britain divided

Just last year, Theresa May boldly asserted that the UK was “coming together” on the issue of Brexit. But with just 12 months to go to hash out a deal with the EU, Britain seems...

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2018-03-22 Asia-pacific

Will the Indian city of Bangalore run out of water?

In India, Bangalore used to be known as the "city of lakes", with 285 lakes making the southern city self-sufficient in the 1970s. But since then, unchecked urbanisation has led...

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2018-03-21 Americas

Brazil's Mariana mining disaster, two years on

It's more than two years since Brazil suffered its worst ecological disaster. On November 5, 2015, a mining dam burst in the state of Minas Gerais. It killed 19 people, ravaged...

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2018-03-20 Europe

What lies ahead for Gibraltar in a post-Brexit world?

As Brexit negotiations continue, the issue of the Irish border remains one of the trickiest issues. But what about Gibraltar, the UK territory that sits on the southern tip of...

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2018-03-19 France

The surprising growth of evangelical churches in France

Although they remain a tiny minority in France, evangelical Christians are growing in number. There were 50,000 evangelical churchgoers back in 1950, but there are nearly 650,000...

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