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2015-09-02 20:45 MEDIA WATCH

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Erdogan's Toughest Battle? Turkish president reverses course on key issues (part 2)

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Erdogan's Toughest Battle? Turkish president reverses course on key issues (part 1)

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EU policy consigns Greece ‘to deeper depression’, says Stiglitz

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India - Pakistan: A new generation takes up arms in Kashmir

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The road to exile: A Syrian family’s journey across Europe

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Film Show: Wes Craven, ‘The Brand New Testament’, ‘This Ain't California’

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How Europe’s migrant crisis became a political battle

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France cracks down on internship abuses with system overhaul

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An overview of the stories making the French and international newspaper headlines. From Monday to Friday live at 7.20 am and 9.20 am Paris time.



Latest update : 2010-09-07

Obama on campaign trail

American papers are looking at the campaign for the mid-term elections on 2nd November. The Washington Post highlights Obama’s bid to promote himself as pro-business and a commentator in The International Herald Tribune draws parallels with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s mid-term campaign in 1938. These and other stories in today’s international press review: TUESDAY, 7TH SEPTEMBER 2010


Articles in today’s international press review:
The Washington Post:  “Obama to call for business tax credit” Report on $100 billion tax credit to boost research and development. Republicans say President is “flailing” around on the economy.
USA Today: “Party in Power Could Be in Peril” Profiles voter disaffection ahead of mid-terms.
International Herald Tribune: “1938 in 2010” Op-ed writer Paul Krugman draws parallels with the FDR campaign in 1938 and the dilemma Obama now faces, with Americans not willing to believe the government machine can deliver on jobs.
Sydney Morning Herald: “Abbott in final bid to cut deal” Australian coalition government negotiations went down to the last hour with Julia Gillard, not Tony Abbott, gaining the support of key independent MPs.
Sydney Morning Herald: “Trio to get their wishes on changes to Parliament” Concessions included a reduced question time in parliament, down to 45 minutes.
New Zealand Herald: “Heartbreak in the rubble” Shop owners see their businesses demolished as after shocks hit Christchurch.
New Zealand Herald: “All Black coach likely to lose his family home” All Blacks deputy coach is picking up the pieces after his home is hit by quake.
The Independent: “Investigation on Honour Killings by Robert Fisk” In-depth four-page investigation into honour killings worldwide by one of the world’s most-respected journalists.
Il Mattino: “Incubo sakineh, lapidata venderdi” Sakineh case draws attention worldwide. The Iranian woman could be stoned on Friday. Italy’s Foreign Minister is quoted as saying that no decision in Tehran has been taken on her fate.





2015-09-02 finance

'Enough with dirty Paris!'

FRENCH PAPERS - Weds.02.09.15: Papers are focusing on Michel Combes, the former boss of telecom equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent and his €14 million “golden parachute”. Executive...

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2015-08-31 Japan

Grassroots and new faces in Japan's protests

INTERNATIONAL PRESS - Mon. 31.08.15: The Japanese press examines what may be the largest demonstration in the country since World War II. Meanwhile, the i newspaper looks at how...

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2015-08-31 Socialist Party (France)

Hollande’s Socialist Party is ‘tearing itself apart’

IN THE FRENCH PAPERS - Mon. 31.08.15: The Socialist's Party summer meeting in La Rochelle is overshadowed by infighting. And one of the French journalists accused of trying to...

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2015-08-28 migrants

Refugee drama: 'A truck full of corpses'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Fri. 28.08.15: Papers across the world focus on grim news coming out of Austria: an abandoned truck was discovered containing dozens of decomposing...

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2015-08-28 Morocco

Two French journalists arrested for 'attempted blackmail of Moroccan king'

FRENCH PAPERS - Fri. 28.08.15: Two French investigative journalists were arrested in Paris yesterday on suspicion of trying to blackmail the king of Morocco. French papers take a...

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