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Jihadists attack U.N. base in Mali

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Assange #ArbitrarilyDetained

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Part 1: Julian Assange, Brexit

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Migrant crisis: Is Calais the dead end on the migrant trail?

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Transgender children: Embracing the transition process

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Phil Collins remastered

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Taking a slice: The challenge of taxing multinationals

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Haute couture: Chains and Napoléon’s sisters on the Parisian runway

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#THE 51%

Afghanistan’s first lady

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#TECH 24

#TECH 24

Latest update : 2010-09-20

Digital piracy

Digital piracy is used as a pretext by Russian police to attack NGOs.

Digital piracy is used as a pretext by Russian police to raid environmental and human rights groups. They used to have the support of Microsoft which, after a story was published in The New York Times, has decided to change its policy...

Other topics: Google Instant gives you answers before you finish asking your question. GMail's Priority Inbox classifies your mails automatically according to their importance (and you can train it).

The pick of the week,, helps you fight sites that gather information about you without telling you.

And don't miss a very funny video on the weakness of the iPad (as compared to a traditional newspaper) when you use it as a fly-swat.

By Francis Pisani



2016-01-29 technology

Encrypted technology

Should governments be given back door access to encrypted technology? We open this ongoing debate that's happening worldwide. On the one hand, intelligence services argue it's a...

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2016-01-22 technology

Follow-me drones

In this edition, we tell you everything you need to know about "follow-me drones" as we test Solo by 3D Robotics. Plus, we explore how robotics and artificial intelligence will...

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2016-01-15 technology

Augmenting human capabilities

From soy foam in car seats, to hemp in dashboards and citrus peel in tyres - we tell you how automakers are increasingly using unlikely materials in their cars and trucks. And in...

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2016-01-08 technology

The best of the CES 2016

In this edition, we take you to Las Vegas to the Consumer Electronics Show, where a large number of connected objects also speak French! This year, France claims the...

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2015-12-18 technology

Pump up the volume

In this edition, we look back on 2015 and talk about why it was such a vintage year for virtual reality. We also focus on some of the exciting new technology trends that we can...

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