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#THE 51%

Shortage of male heirs leads many Japanese families to adopt adult men

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Death of an icon: Remembering fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa

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Black Friday deals: Are they really worth it?

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Video: Is Trump slamming door on Muslims' American Dream?

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Did Grace Mugabe's rise cause her husband’s downfall?

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'When it comes to violence against women, the time to act is now'

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Mnangagwa to be sworn in as Zimbabwe's president on Friday

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The refugees of Manus Island

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#TECH 24

We explore the digital revolution and check out the latest technological trends. Every Saturday at 2.15 pm Paris time. Or you can catch it online from Friday.

Latest update : 2010-09-20

Digital piracy

Digital piracy is used as a pretext by Russian police to attack NGOs.

Digital piracy is used as a pretext by Russian police to raid environmental and human rights groups. They used to have the support of Microsoft which, after a story was published in The New York Times, has decided to change its policy...

Other topics: Google Instant gives you answers before you finish asking your question. GMail's Priority Inbox classifies your mails automatically according to their importance (and you can train it).

The pick of the week,, helps you fight sites that gather information about you without telling you.

And don't miss a very funny video on the weakness of the iPad (as compared to a traditional newspaper) when you use it as a fly-swat.

By Francis Pisani



2017-11-17 technology

The future of surgery

From augmented reality to 3D imagery and advanced robotics, in this edition we tell you how surgeons are using technology to help them prepare and carry out a procedure. We speak...

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2017-11-10 technology

Redefining the big 'K': Scientists change rules measuring weight of kilogram

It may sound like a joke, but the kilogram is believed to have lost weight! Defined by a metal cylinder kept in a highly secured vault in Paris, scientists have now decided to...

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2017-10-27 technology

Empowering displaced people with technology

With more than 65 million displaced people worldwide, the tech community is coming together to find solutions for those in need. In this edition, we speak to the CEO of...

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2017-10-27 technology

The battle to host Amazon's 'HQ2'

Amazon has received 238 proposals from cities vying to host its second headquarters. From sending cactuses to Jeff Bezos to lighting up skyscrapers in "Amazon" orange, North...

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2017-10-20 technology

Teaching maths with holograms

After cellphones and tablets, holograms are entering the classroom, enabling students to apprehend the most complex scientific phenomena through mixed reality. In this edition,...

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