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Biafran separatists allege brutal crackdown

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DRC opposition protests: At least one person killed in clashes in Goma

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Chinese washing detergent ad "whitens" a black man

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Obama in Japan: Competing world visions at G7 summit (part 2)

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Obama in Japan: Will his final G7 mark end of an era? (part 1)

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Baltimore residents react to latest verdict in Freddie Gray case

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Paris photography festival shines a spotlight on young, emerging talents

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Are company bosses paid too much?

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Spain: Employees denounce their working conditions in Catalonia's abattoirs

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#TECH 24

#TECH 24

Latest update : 2010-09-20

Digital piracy

Digital piracy is used as a pretext by Russian police to attack NGOs.

Digital piracy is used as a pretext by Russian police to raid environmental and human rights groups. They used to have the support of Microsoft which, after a story was published in The New York Times, has decided to change its policy...

Other topics: Google Instant gives you answers before you finish asking your question. GMail's Priority Inbox classifies your mails automatically according to their importance (and you can train it).

The pick of the week,, helps you fight sites that gather information about you without telling you.

And don't miss a very funny video on the weakness of the iPad (as compared to a traditional newspaper) when you use it as a fly-swat.

By Francis Pisani



2016-04-29 technology

Berenson, the art critic robot

Getting over your greatest fears with virtual reality, using a connected glove to translate sign language and treating blindness with bionic eyes... In this show, we explore the...

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2016-05-13 technology

Kepler's new bounty of exoplanets

In this edition, we look up at the stars as NASA's Kepler mission has just discovered a stunning 1,284 new planets, marking the single largest finding of planets to date. What's...

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2016-05-06 technology

Money from heaven

In this edition, we dig deeper into the blockchain, the technology underpinning the bitcoin. We also speak to the NGO GiveDirectly, as they prepare to launch the world's first...

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2016-04-29 drones

'VR' immersive journalism

This week, we transport you into the world of "VR" storytelling. From the Chernobyl exclusion zone to the so-called migrant "jungle" in northern France, we show you the power of...

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2016-04-22 technology

Welcome to the world of automatic surveillance

Smart cameras, iris scans, databases: Welcome to the world of automatic surveillance. In this edition, we tell you what kind of technologies are being developed to track...

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