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France 24 turns ten: How to cover a changing world (part 1)

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Interior Minister takes over as France’s Premier

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Former LRA commander, Dominic Ongwen, pleads not guilty to 70 counts of war crimes

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France 24 Turns Ten: How to cover a changing world (part 2)

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Jean-Michel Jarre: Breathing new life into 'Oxygène'

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Park's presidency hanging by thin thread

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Ukraine’s ex-prime minister: ‘Ukraine protects EU borders’

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Karoshi crisis: The Japanese employees who work themselves to death

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Latest update : 2010-12-20

Lula leaves difficult shoes to fill

Sunday's presidential vote will mark the end of an era for Brazil. The highly popular left-wing president will soon finish up his second four-year term, leaving the job as the leader of Latin America's biggest economy up for grabs. His chosen successor, Dilma Rousseff, has a strong lead in the polls. She's hoping for a first round victory, which would give her a stronger mandate to push through reforms. Her nearest rival is a centrist, a former governor of Sao Paolo named José Serra.



2016-11-30 Colombia

Brazil in mourning after plane crash

This week, Brazil is in shock at the loss of its Chapecoense football team. Almost all of the club's members were killed when their plane crashed on the way to a regional final...

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2016-11-23 Donald Trump

Donald Trump outlines priorities for first 100 days

US President-elect Donald Trump has announced the measures he wants to put in place in his first 100 days in office. We discuss them with our commentator and resident US politics...

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2016-11-16 Canada

Meeting anti-Trump protesters in the United States

This week, protests against President-elect Donald Trump took place across the United States. We hear from protesters and tell you more about Trump's first controversial choices....

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2016-11-10 US Presidential Election 2016

Trump triumphs, but US election reveals a divided nation

This week, we focus on Donald Trump's election as 45th president of the United States. After a series of scandals and a hard-fought campaign, the Republican rode a wave of...

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2016-11-02 US Presidential Election 2016

Clinton vs Trump: How well do you know the candidates?

This race to the White House has been one of the dirtiest and most divisive in American history. This week, we look back at the lows and even lowers of the presidential campaign....

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