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New York Governor's race has an elementary school feel

Latest update : 2010-11-03

The race: New York Governor

Democrat Andrew Cuomo (left) and Republican Carl Paladino (right) face off in the race for governor of the state of New York.
The candidates: Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) vs. Carl Paladino (Republican)
The intrigue: Watching the New York Governor’s race is a bit like being jolted back to elementary school – it is rife with bad behaviour, finger pointing and poorly timed outbursts. Despite Republican candidate Carl Paladino’s best efforts to establish a sturdy conservative platform, often highlighting his experience in the private sector as the head of a real estate development company, this Tea Partyer’s misdeeds may threaten his ambitions to rise to the top of the class.
The first slap on the wrist came over press inquiries into Paladino’s illegitimate daughter. Instead of taking the blame, Paladino essentially pointed a finger at his opponent during an interview with the Web site Politico, alleging that Democrat rival Andrew Cuomo had been unfaithful to his former wife.
Following revelations of Paladino’s extracurricular activities, came an outburst of anti-gay comments at a gathering of Jewish leaders in Brooklyn. While Paladino at first defended his remarks, he finally regretted his “poor choice of words” and asked for forgiveness.
Meanwhile Cuomo, who currently serves as New York Attorney General, has been playing off Paladino’s missteps, positioning himself as a true-blue Democrat and touting his ethical record and devotion to public service. He has recently scooped up a major endorsement from the New York Times.
The odds: It looks as though there is little hope that Paladino will make it out of the hot seat, let alone into the Governor’s mansion. According to RealClear Politics, Cuomo is up an average of 23.8 points over his opponent.
Winner: Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo photo courtesy of Andrew Cuomo facebook page. Carl Paladino photo courtesy of Carl Paladino facebook page.


Date created : 2010-10-24

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