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Trump's Jerusalem move angers Muslim world; Brexit: Irish force compromise on border

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Migrants: Caught in the fire between Libya and Italy

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Video: Tahrir Square, a melting pot for Egyptian revolutions

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Mens fashion: ‘The flowers are starting to bloom’

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Lyon's Fête des Lumières: From candles to extraordinary light shows

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#TECH 24

A glimpse into the hotels of the future

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'Whose Streets?': On the frontline of Ferguson

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Marine pollution around Dakar reaches critical levels

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#THE 51%

Talking about a revolution: #Metoo campaign is TIME magazine’s Person of the Year

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Our panel of Paris-based journalists review the week’s international news: the stories that made the headlines and also those you may have missed! Join us every Friday at 7.10 pm Paris time.

Latest update : 2010-11-08

THE WORLD THIS WEEK - Friday, November, 5th (part 1)

The World this Week takes stock of America’s changed political landscape after the Democrats’ drubbing in midterm elections and asks whether it all spells gridlock for Barack Obama. We also look at a week of frenzied diplomacy for Nicolas Sarkozy, from a big defence cooperation pact with Britain, to a controversial visit to France by Chinese President Hu Jintao.

On the set :

Alison SMALE, Executive Editor, International Herald Tribune

Mark DEEN, Jounalist, Bloomberg News

Philippe GELIE, Editor-in-chief, Foreign service, Le Figaro

Steven ERLANGER, Paris Bureau Chief, The New York Times


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2017-12-08 Brexit

Trump's Jerusalem move angers Muslim world; Brexit: Irish force compromise on border

Our panel of international journalists looks at Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel and reactions over the world; The Uk and the European Union breaking a...

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2017-12-01 Michael Flynn

Russia probe, World Cup draw, Macron in Africa, Merkel's ‘grand coalition’, Bitcoin

Our panel of international journalists discusses what Michael Flynn could reveal to the FBI in the Russia investigation. We also talk about the World Cup draw, Emmanuel Macron’s...

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2017-11-24 Sinai

Terror in Egypt, Zimbabwe's new leader

Our panel of journalists looks at the attack on a mosque in North Sinai and in which over 300 people were killed on Friday. And big change in Zimbabwe as the country changes its...

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2017-11-17 Zimbabwe

Military pressures Mugabe to step down, Macron mediates in Lebanon crisis

Our Friday panel of journalists discusses the latest from Zimbabwe, after Robert Mugabe's first appearance since the military takeover. We also look at Emmanuel Macron's role in...

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2017-11-10 Donald Trump

Saudi Prince cracks down at home and abroad; Trump in Asia

Our Friday panel of journalists discuss the latest from Saudi Arabia, after the Crown Prince netted more than 200 arrests in a surprise purge and Lebanon's Prime Minister Hariri...

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