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French Muslims refuse to be scapegoats for extremists

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'Obama needs to provide real answers to Netanyahu's arguments'

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Hollande: 'We have to tear voters away from the National Front'

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French local elections: Far-right National Front in pole position

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Film Show: 'Citizen Four', 'The Circle' and 'Wolf Totem'

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Tangerine Dream: Afropolitan star Yemi Alade chats to FRANCE 24

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Iraq: Islamic State group's child soldiers

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Netanyahu on Capitol Hill: Israeli PM calls for deal breaker with Iran (part 2)

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Netanyahu on Capitol Hill: Israeli PM calls for deal breaker with Iran (part 1)

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Latest update : 2010-11-16

The pilgrimage to Mecca is also taking place on the web

The pilgrimage to Mecca is also taking place on the web. has outraged American web users by selling a pedophilia book. And the Philippine Football Federation is looking for a new manager online.


The Hajj in the Web 2.0 era. New technologies are helping the millions of pilgrims who go to Mecca every year for the fifth and final pillar of Islam.

Tools have been created for example so that travellers can give daily accounts of their pilgrimage. This Somali blogger is sharing every detail of this once in a lifetime trip. He says here how fascinating it is to see Muslims from all over the world converging towards the holy city.

Some organized their trip on the Internet. Over the past few years there has been an increase in portals that specialize in hajj trips so people can compare agencies and put an end to the scams that sometimes turn the pilgrimage into an absolute nightmare.

And once arrived, many of the hajjis are keeping their mobile phones at hand to immortalize their voyage but also to consult applications that have been set up to help them. Dos and don’ts, prayer texts, and also the itinerary to follow, all this information now fits into the palm of the hand.

Finally, for those who cannot physically go to Mecca, the site Islam Online has designed a 3 dimensional model of the Holy City. Web users can take a virtual trip, although the creators of this cybernetic hajj are focusing on the purely educational aspect. As they believe nothing can replace the actual pilgrimage.



Online retail giant, has sparked unprecedented fury amongst a large section of the blogosphere in the United States. Why? A book giving practical advice to pedophiles was available to buy on Amazon’s US site for several weeks. Following high pressure from web users, the book was taken off the virtual shelves this weekend and is no longer available. Despite this, calls to mobilise against continue to multiply.

Many web users are continuing to call for a boycott of the retail site. This Facebook group, asking web users to stop buying from already has near to 16 000 members all of whom deplore the site’s irresponsibility and are determined to make it pay for its lack of judgment.

Twitter users are also mobilising support and relaying the calls for boycott using the thread #boycottamazon in particular, the thread has been especially created for the occasion. And several bloggers, like this mother have also joined the campaign. She thinks it is unacceptable that amazon makes money from selling books that support illegal practices, like pedophilia.

In the meantime, some appear determined to give the retail site a thorough inspection. Some web users have found books or dvds of a particular genre and are demanding they be withdrawn. This blogger says there is another pedophilia book still for sale in the United States. This web user says she was shocked when she came across this Japanese web page offering explicit videos of prepubescent girls. She is encouraging parents to be wary and no longer place their trust in Amazon.


Sales of Newsweek are plummeting and the American weekly news magazine has joined forces with The Daily Beast, an Internet site created two years ago and run by media star Tina Brown. The former editor in chief of magazines Vanity Fair and the New Yorker will run the two editorial offices simultaneously, and they will both keep their own names and identity. This alliance could become an extra source of income and should increase the visibility of both the magazine and the Internet site.


The Philippines is looking for a coach online. The Philippine Football Federation has called upon a German sports site to find a new manager for its national football team. The site Spox has posted a detailed job offer: looking for a rather specific candidate who will preferably be German, have a “football coaching certificate from the German Football Federation” and have an “attractive” game style. The objective is to enter into the World’s top 100 national teams.



Get an expert marksman to shoot a watermelon that has been placed on a volunteer’s head at a distance of around 180 meters: this is the absolutely crazy challenge set by Freddiew, a film and special effects enthusiast. Do not panic, what you see is down to some particularly successful editing. Freddiew was never in any danger. He used firecrackers to explode the melon and the rest of the effects were created using a computer.


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