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France's Plan to Tackle Racism

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Marine Le Pen and Thomas Piketty in Time magazine's power list; EU takes on Google; Gunter Grass dies (part 2)

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Deadly Crossing: Migrants desperate to reach Europe; Abadi in Washington (part 1)

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Xenophobic attacks in South Africa: anti-violence marches and anti immigration protest

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French PM outlines action plan against racism, anti-Semitism

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Turkey’s hidden Armenians search for stolen identity

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Families of slain Marikana miners still demanding justice

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#TECH 24

Europe vs. Google: EU accuses search giant of market dominance abuse

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#THE 51%

Women in America: Land of the free, home to the less-paid

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Latest update : 2011-01-07

Gbagbo’s support network in France

FRENCH PAPERS, Fri., 7/1/2011: Libération investigates the varied networks of support for Laurent Gbagbo in France; Le Figaro leads on Sarkozy’s latest declarations on France’s 35-hour working week; a never-heard before recording of Serge Gainsbourg and the effect women’s tears have on men!

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We start today with Libération which looks at “7 different networks of support for Gbagbo in France. That includes supporters in the Socialist Party, varied lobbyists and supporters in the world of business.
Gbagbo built strong links with the Socialist Party in the 1980’s. During this time Roland Dumas acted as France’s Foreign Affairs Minister under François Mitterand. He has recently traveled to Abidjan and is defending Gbagbo’s position.
Vincent Boloray is a prominent French businessman, owner of television channel Direct 8. He has business interests in the Port of Abidjan and also supports Laurent Gbagbo.
The newspaper points out the “paradox of Gbagbo”, a man who built his image on opposing colonialism and France’s paternalistic relations with former colonies. Yet, now he is relying on these old connections to hold onto power.
Other stories in today’s French papers:
Le Figaro: Sarkozy declares that the 35-hour working week “no longer exists”
Le Figaro: Weaknesses exposed in French airport security
Le Parisien: A previously unheard of recording of deceased French singer Serge Gainsbourg has been unveiled.
Le Figaro: Israeli researchers demonstrate that women who cry “lose their sex appeal”!




2015-04-17 nuclear power

Cannes, the red carpet and selfies

FRENCH PAPERS - Fri. 17.04.15: Papers focus on efforts by the government to save France’s nuclear sector, Prime Minister Manuel Valls's plan against racism and anti-Semitism and...

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2015-04-17 Vladimir Putin

'Why are black South Africans attacking foreign Africans but not foreign whites?'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Fri. 17.04.15: International papers focus on Russian President Vladimir Putin's annual phone-in, violent anti-foreigner protests in South Africa and...

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2015-04-16 South Korea

'Havana is like a 'Star Wars' cantina of Cold War radicals'

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Thurs. 16.04.15: There's lots of emotion in the South Korean media as the country marks the first year anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster. Also, the...

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2015-04-16 immigration

EU not measuring up to challenge on migrant influx

FRENCH PAPERS - Thurs. 16.04.15: French papers focus on the plight of migrants risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea to cross into Europe. According to La Croix, the...

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2015-04-15 immigration

Is Hillary Clinton 'cool enough' to woo young voters?

INTERNATIONAL PAPERS - Weds. 15.04.15: Cuban and US papers focus on President Barack Obama's move to lift the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism. Also, is...

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