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Latest update : 2011-02-23

Violence against protesters in Libya

Amateur footage bears witness to the violent repression in Libya. People from all over the world are expressing their solidarity with the Libyan protesters. And an extreme skier takes web users with him on an off-piste descent.

Violence against protesters in Libya

Tripoli has become a battlefield. This video was posted on the web on Monday and appears to show protesters fleeing as security forces open fire in the Libyan capital. Despite the restrictions on Internet access, amateur footage, which is difficult to authenticate, is emerging online nonetheless bearing witness to the violence that has broken out in the country.

According to the web user who posted these images, they show security forces confronting youths trying to burn a photo of Colonel Gaddafi in the surrounding area of Tripoli’s Green Square. The sound of automatic gunfire rings out into the night, whilst protesters ask God to grant them courage.

Web user Mukhtar Al Asad has posted this sequence online, which is said to show the ammunition used against demonstrators, high caliber weapons that illustrate the violence of the repression.

This other video filmed in broad daylight appears to demonstrate how Special Forces have been deployed en masse to the streets of Tripoli. The person who filmed these images says they are African mercenaries hired by the regime to repress the protest movement.

Other amateur documents appear to show hospitals struggling to cope with the influx of wounded people. According to numerous online audio accounts, troops are carrying out raids targeting demonstrators and even medical staff.

And although it is difficult to establish the death toll, it is thought to be high. A memorial has been set up to pay tribute to those who have been killed in the violence. The list continues to grow by the hour.


Citizens around the world express solidarity with Libyan people

“ This is an urgent appeal to American citizens to contact their representatives to denounce massacres of civilians in Libya and request the US takes action to put an end to repression in the country. “ this is the message Wasim Entabi is conveying to his fellow citizens on this Facebook page. In this open letter he asks them to show their solidarity with opponents of Gaddafi’s regime.

He is not the only one urging people that they cannot ignore what is happening at the scene. Dozens of support rallies for the Libyan people have taken place all over the world over the past few days, as we can see in these images. Hundreds of people have taken part in rallies in Sweden, Canada, the US and also Egypt to raise global awareness of the violence in Libya and to demand political reform in the country.

Anonymous is another strong support network. Libyan protesters can now count on this cyber activist group which was particularly active during the Tunisian revolution, to help web users bypass web censorship. The group has promised to take action to help the democratic movement in the country move forward and is notably broadcasting videos like this one explaining how to get around blocked Internet access.

And finally, numerous Libyan diplomats posted abroad have also been showing the protesters their support either by resigning or by openly condemning the violence of the regime’s repression. This is notably the case for Abdelrazeg Gouider, the legal advisor at the Libyan Mission to the UN, who speaks here of genocide and calls upon the authorities to stop the disproportionate use of violence against the protesters.


Rent a student

The site puts students in touch with companies so they can work together on projects that are in relation to their studies. Translation, web design, secretarial or legal work… companies just have to choose the best suited candidate from a number of profiles, to collaborate on a project. The rest is done online, right up to the payment. Depending on the students level of education and the amount of time spent on the job, companies can expect to pay between 10 and 40 euros per hour.


Restrooms around the world

Following on from restaurants, coffee shops and museums, there is now a virtual guide for restrooms. On the site, web users can list and evaluate restrooms, by adding commentaries and photos. This site which is devoted entirely to toilets, also offers news, surveys, and games which can be discovered on the welcome page.


Video of the day

In this video, extreme skier Andrew Whiteford invites you to accompany him in some off-piste skiing in the mountains of Wyoming in the US. This breathtaking descent through powdery snow, with spectacular images will be a hit with all winter sports enthusiasts.

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