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Video: 40 years on, Franco's ghost still haunts Spain

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#TECH 24

'Life as a cyborg' with Angel Giuffria

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Video: Can love finally beat the caste system in Senegal?

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Saimir Pirgu, a leading tenor mentored by Pavarotti and Domingo

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#THE 51%

Feminist icons and young female Democrats clash over Hillary Clinton

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The Perche region: The art of peasantry

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Forbidden love in Senegal: Khady and Massamba's caste struggle

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The 'Académie française': Guard dog of the French language

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Tunisia's extra-harsh marijuana law

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We take you to the 28 EU member states for a series of exclusive reports and interviews with local MEPs. Produced in partnership with the European Parliament. Saturday at 12.10 pm.



Latest update : 2011-03-28

Albania: the bumpy road to stability (part 2)

Albanian authors are known far beyond the country’s borders: Fatos Kongoli will show us the world from which he draws his inspiration. We’ll also meet young gay activists fighting for their rights. And we’ll let DJ Adi take us though Tirana’s sleepless nights.

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Senior Producer: Loick Berrou
Presenter: Christophe Robeet
Producer: Magali Faure
Reporter: James André
Cameraman: Stéphane Bodenne



2015-12-26 Malta

Malta: Little but alluring (part 2)

Gambling makes up 12% of Malta’s GDP, its second-biggest industry after tourism. Yan Grech works with a French online betting agency. He explains the Maltese love of gambling and...

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2015-12-26 Malta

Malta: Little but alluring (part 1)

It is both the smallest and most densely populated country in the European Union, a group of islands in the central Mediterranean. Malta has been spared the worst of the...

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2015-12-18 immigration

The best Of 'Europe Now': A Look back at 2015

In 2015, France 24 has travelled across Europe to take a look at the continent’s challenges: European identity, refugee crisis, global warming, economy… From Hungary to Malta,...

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2015-10-31 refugees

Freedom of movement and the media in Hungary (part 2)

Hungary is a landlocked nation surrounded by seven other countries. It made the headlines recently for its harsh stance on the migrant crisis - it erected a wire fence along its...

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2015-10-31 Hungary

Freedom of movement and the media in Hungary (part 1)

Since taking office in 2010, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has come under fire from other European leaders for his increasing authoritarian stance, notably in relation to...

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