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Latest update : 2011-03-07

Internet blackout in Libya

The Libyan authorities are trying to stop citizens from going online. American workers protest against a proposed bill in Wisconsin. And an infographic video about the world’s most typical person.

Internet blackout in Libya

An Internet blackout in Libya: on Friday the authorities cut off Internet access across the country. Google data shows that Internet traffic out of Libya has dropped to almost nothing over the past few days.

But James Crowie from the company Renesys says that although almost all web traffic is currently blocked, the system is still actually working. According to the analyst, the Gaddafi clan, which controls the country’s sole Internet provider, has taken a leaf out of Egypt’s book by making the Internet inaccessible for opponents, but not the authorities.

Despite these attempts to prevent Libyan web users from going online, certain cyber activists are managing to bypass the censorship and still use the net to share accounts of latest events. Pictures continue to pour on to the web overriding the recent virtual blackout. This video was reportedly filmed on Friday in the city of Misrata where thousands of protesters gathered to denounce government repression.

Gaddafi is showing no signs of surrender. This sequence is believed to have been filmed on Friday during the deadly clashes in Zawiyah which fell to opposition forces at the end of February. This city, 60 km away from Tripoli, was the scene of a violent counter attack launched by forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi.

A battle is also raging for Ras Lanuf, an oil port in the west of the country. These images were posted online on Saturday and appear to show one of the local hospitals. One rebel, who was wounded whilst trying to defend this city, talks about what happened and says there was a helicopter attack. The region has indeed been the target of numerous air strikes carried out by pro-Gaddafi forces.


Workers protest anti-union bill in Wisconsin

Workers from Wisconsin, in the US are protesting a highly controversial bill proposed by Scott Walker, the state’s Republican governor. The bill would limit union rights of public workers, by notably restricting their collective bargaining rights. Many disagree with the project and have been protesting on a daily basis for the past three weeks, to try and stop the bill going forward. The protests are being widely relayed online.

As we can see here, ever since the bill was put forward on the 15th of February, numerous rallies have taken place across the State. Thousands of government employees, students and other union supporters have taken part in mass demonstrations denouncing a serious infringement on workers’ rights.

This state in the American mid-west has never seen protests like it, and demonstrators have even been occupying the parliamentary building in Madison as a sign of protest. The authorities were forced to deal with the situation by evacuating the Capitol building and temporarily limiting public access.

Protesting continues day and night nonetheless as we can see in this video which shows demonstrators camping outside the Capitol to demonstrate to the governor they will not give up until the project is abandoned.

And protesters from Wisconsin can now count on support from many citizens all over America. Rallies have been organized in California, Texas, Illinois and also Florida to denounce a project that many see as a dangerous threat to workers’ rights.

Green Space NYC

Identify areas in New York which have been allowed to fall into decay and turn them into public meeting places or areas for artistic expression. This is what the site “” is seeking to do. It is a social network on which residents of the Big Apple can discuss projects for temporarily or permanently renovating wasteland or empty buildings.



With Yoowalk, you can walk around the global village that is the web. Browsing takes place in a three dimensional universe, Internet sites are represented as city buildings. Web users can move through the streets with their avatar and access web pages by entering the corresponding buildings. This interesting idea adds a certain interaction to web surfing.


Video of the day

What is the world’s most typical person like? American magazine, National geographic has tried to answer this question with this clip available to view on sharing sites. The animation looks at the most common characteristics of the 7 billion human beings on earth to draw up a computer image of the world’s most typical person. And this is a 28 year old Chinese man who is right handed and possesses a mobile phone. The video reminds however that the characteristics of the worldwide population are constantly evolving.

By Electron Libre



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