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Latest update : 2011-03-09

Egypt: state security documents leaked online

In Egypt, hundreds of state security documents have been leaked online. Web users continue to make fun of Colonel Gaddafi. And Microsoft launches a site to say goodbye to Internet Explorer 6, once and for all.

Egypt: state security documents leaked online

An Egyptian style Wikileaks: hundreds of state security files have been exposed online. The files, kept by the powerful regime apparatus, a symbol of the terror regime of former president Hosni Mubarak, were retrieved when protesters stormed several state security buildings across the country on Saturday.

Protesters are demanding the abolition of state security and an appeal was launched on Facebook to storm their offices. Egyptians managed to break into buildings, like here in Cairo where torture was commonplace, to look for evidence of torture and abuse and stop the documents being destroyed.

Indeed, when protesters broke into this Interior Ministry building, they discovered that many files had already been burnt or shredded.

Wikileaks might have the answer however. The organization has said it has the technical means to reconstruct shredded documents and is offering its services to Egyptians.

The army, which is currently responsible for Egypt’s affairs, has posted a statement on its Facebook page, urging the public to hand over any documents and not post anything online.

But the files continue to emerge online nonetheless. And one of them in particular has sparked controversy. The document would allegedly prove the State Security’s involvement in the bombing of a Coptic Church in Alexandria on December 31 2010.

Web users keep on mocking Gaddafi

Colonel Gaddafi seems determined to hold on to power for as long as possible and chaos continues to reign in Libya. And although there is nothing amusing about the current situation in the country, Gaddafi has well and truly become a laughing stock on the Internet.

Several music videos making fun of the Libyan leader have recently appeared online. The clips are largely inspired by a funny video called “zenga zenga” in which we see one of Gaddafi’s recent speeches put to music. One web user has used the same speech and remixed it with a Shakira track. And here, it’s the lead singer from Radiohead, Thom Yorke, dancing to the now famous “zenga zenga” tune.

Other parodies of Gaddafi’s speeches are also available online. In this video clip, the Libyan leader is depicted as a rapper... And here his words have been replaced by sounds of a dog barking, poking fun at his television appearances.

French comedian Jamel Debouzze has made this video in which he plays the "Admiral Emperor General Colonel Sadafi”, a bloodthirsty dictator willing to kill anyone who does not agree with him, and who finds it hard to gain respect from his mistress.

And finally, web users are also making fun of him on social networks. On the thread "desperate gaddafi lies" Twitter users can suggest what lies they think Gaddafi will dare to come out with next. And dozens of groups have been created on Facebook, questioning the dictator’s mental state and also mocking his taste in clothes.

Inside out project

After posting photos of teenagers from the Paris banlieue on walls and also pasting portraits of Israelis and Palestinians side by side, the French artist JR has launched a new project. He wants to raise global awareness on street art, by getting the planet directly involved. He is asking people to send in photos of themselves or loved ones to the site JR will then return the photos blown up as billboard sized prints. Participants then just have to paste them up where they feel is appropriate.


Goodbye Internet Explorer 6

Although it is now technologically outdated, some web users are still using Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft’s browser launched in 2001. So, the Seattle based company has set up a web site to say “goodbye” and encourage web users to move on to a more modern browser. Microsoft is hoping worldwide usage of Explorer 6 will drop to less than 1 %. Web users can get involved by encouraging their friends and family to stop using it.

Video of the day

Players from Borussia Dortmund football team, current leaders in the German championship league, have recently posted this viral video online to show off their talents. It was filmed in a bus on their way to a match, we see one of the players test the goalkeepers reflexes in a rather original fashion. It remains to be seen whether or not camera trickery is involved.

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