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Latest update : 2011-04-13

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has ordered police to probe local “political actors” over Monday's deadly bombing at a Minsk metro station, suggesting the country's weak and fragmented opposition may be linked to the attack.

REUTERS - Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko ordered law enforcers on Wednesday to question local "political actors" -- a reference to the opposition -- over a metro station bomb attack which killed 12 people.

Lukashenko congratulated security officials on pulling off a "brilliant operation" by netting those who carried out the April 11 bombing.
But he went on: "We must look into statements made by political actors ... Maybe these actors from the 'fifth column' will open their cards and point at the one who had ordered (the attack)."
A total of 12 people were killed and about 150 injured in the explosion at a central metro station in the capital, Minsk.
"Today ... the crime was solved," Lukashenko said at a meeting with top security officials.
"The (state security service) KGB and police needed just one day ... to carry out a brilliant operation and detain the perpetrators (of the bombing)."
Lukashenko said the detained suspects had confessed to carrying out the attack on Wednesday morning and also admitted to earlier bomb explosions.
"The detained criminals have confessed not only to carrying out the terrorist act in the Minsk metro, they are also responsible for the previous Independence day and Vitebsk terrorist acts," he said, referring to two explosions in 2008 and 2005 respectively.
Lukashenko, an autocratic leader who has led Belarus since 1994, frequently uses the terms "political actors" and "the fifth column" to refer to Belarus' weak and fragmented opposition.
A law enforcement source told Reuters earlier on Wednesday two people had been detained in connection with the bombing and at least one of them was a Belarussian citizen.


Date created : 2011-04-13


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