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Latest update : 2011-04-27

Libya: rebels claim huge gains in Misurata

Libyan cyber activists share accounts of the ongoing fighting in Misrata. Online reports of the role played by women in Yemen’s anti-government protests. And a group of US soldiers serving in Afghanistan take on a Britney Spears track.

Libya: rebels claim huge gains in Misurata

Libyan rebel fighters are searching Misrata city centre, building by building. This city is the last remaining opposition stronghold in western Libya and in this video posted online on Saturday, we see rebels hunting down the snipers from forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi, who have been terrorizing the city.

Although the regime claimed that troops had halted operations against rebels in Misrata, the fighting continues. In an audio message broadcast online, a spokesperson for the rebel forces claims that Gaddafi’s forces have not withdrawn from the city and the opposition has been gaining ground over the past few days.

These amateur pictures are thought to show people celebrating after rebels dislodge loyalist snipers from an eight-story building. According to rebel fighters, several snipers were laying in ambush there and were able to look down on the city’s strategic main street from their high position, greatly restricting rebel movements on the ground.

This other video is thought to have been filmed last week after rebels attacked an official building which up until that point had been controlled by Colonel Gaddafi’s troops.

These violent clashes have claimed many victims, but rebels in Misrata do not appear to be ready to give up the fight. In a video message filmed in a neighbourhood reduced to a heap of ruins, this group of young fighters say they are prepared to fight to the death to defend the city from attacks by Gaddafi forces.


Women take centre stage in Yemen protests

"Women with men… our revolution is a revolution of struggle." In this video, uploaded onto YouTube by a web user on the 16th of April, we see thousands of Yemeni women taking to the streets demanding the right to protest alongside men.

The demonstration was in reaction to a speech delivered by President Ali Abdullah Saleh in which he condemned the “illegal mixing between the sexes” during anti-government demonstrations. Activists from the blog Women from Yemen think it is an appeal to Islamists and Salafis in particular, in an effort to divide protesters.

But despite all this, the women of Yemen remain deeply involved in the anti-government movement. The blogger Afrah Nasser thinks the number of women taking part in rallies is constantly growing. She also says that taking part in protests represents a double combat for women. She feels like she is also rebelling against her parents. Many families forbid their daughters from taking part in rallies.

The President’s speech was not without incident: Extreme Islamists had banned women from protesting with men. And according to the blogger Nasser Arrabye, four female protesters were beaten and eight men were arrested by extremists from opposition party Al-Islah for demonstrating together in front of Sanaa University on Saturday.


Web series about gay youth in Colombia

19 year old Jhoncito Arango decided to create a web series about gay youth in Colombia; this is a sensitive subject in this country which has a vast majority Catholic population. The series is called “Yonkis”, and is entirely produced by young people from Medellin. In the first episode, a character called Juan Pablo is thrown out on the streets after an argument with his homophobic father and he soon meets a new group of friends, the Yonkis.

World’s biggest Pac-Man

"The World’s biggest Pac-Man", this site is offering a totally new version of the famous video arcade game because web users are asked to create their own levels. You have to sign up via your Facebook account if you want to design your own maze, but this is not necessary if you just want to play. Thousands of levels have already been uploaded by games enthusiasts and they are all available to play, free of charge, on the site in question.

Video of the day

To pass the time, and have a bit of fun between missions, a group of US soldiers serving in Afghanistan have made this tongue in cheek video clip using the latest Britney Spears track “Hold it Against me”. The lip dub was filmed in the Afghan desert and is proving to be highly successful online as it has already been viewed over 1 million times. The American singer herself has even tweeted that she too is a fan.

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