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Paris's Louis Vuitton Foundation showcases contemporary African art

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#THE 51%

Sparking an outrage: Saudi Arabia elected to UN commission on women's rights

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New National Front President steps down over Holocaust remark

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How green is ecotourism?

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Trump says he won't scrap NAFTA right away, opens negotiations

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Barack Obama under fire over $400,000 speaking gig

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Teacher's pet vs party girl: Macron and Le Pen's younger years

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Hissene Habré trial: Senegal court upholds life sentence for Chad's ex-leader

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Trump's first 100 days, Simpsons style

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Latest update : 2011-05-10

Birthplace of Pope John Paul II prepares for his beatification

On Sunday May 1st, Pope John Paul II is to be beatified. This is the last major hurdle on the path to sainthood and means he becomes a "blessed". The man born Karol Wojtyla was put on the fast track to sainthood by the Vatican, after cries of "Santo Subito!" (Sainthood Now!) erupted during his funeral six years ago.

With his first visits to his homeland as pontiff in the grim late 1970s, the Polish Pope spoke words that Poles understood as a call to fight communist totalitarianism. In Poland, which has one of the highest rates of practising Catholics in the world, he enjoys almost universal popularity. Large numbers of Poles will attend the beatification in Rome, but for the majority who can't afford that trip, there will be grand celebrations in Poland itself. Polish church institutions are also laying the foundations for the ongoing cult of a man whose future sainthood is regarded as just a matter of time. 

By Gulliver CRAGG



2017-04-27 Asia-pacific

Burma's citizens still jailed for speaking their minds

In Burma, de facto leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has just celebrated her first year in power. Her NLD party has to govern with the army and the democratic transition...

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2017-04-26 Europe

LGBT survivors of torture in Chechnya speak out

For several weeks, journalists and NGOs have been drawing attention to a campaign of terror against the LGBT community in Chechnya, a Muslim-majority region of Russia in the...

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2017-04-25 Americas

Southern Border Plan: Mexico's own fight against illegal immigration

With his promise to build a wall between the US and Mexico, Donald Trump has made combatting illegal immigration a pillar of his presidency. But Mexico is already the US's firm...

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2017-04-21 France

Fighting fuel poverty in France

Fuel poverty affects more than 10 million people in France. Financial aid programmes have been stepping in to help these people to heat their homes, many of which are poorly...

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2017-04-19 Russia

How Russian activists are getting around strict laws on protesting

The next presidential election in Russia is planned for early 2018 and the opposition is already getting organised. But the right to protest is extremely limited and tightly...

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