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Pegida, the movement dividing Germany

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Film Show: 'The Imitation Game', 'Phoenix' and the French Oscars

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#TECH 24

'The Imitation Game': A Tribute to Alan Turing, the Father of Computers

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A Lebanon prison 'run by Islamists', and children tear gassed in Kenya

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Greek elections: A domino effect in France?

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Apple breaks profit record as new iPhone bears fruit

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'There have never been so many jobseekers in France'

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Japan: Online campaign to free journalist held by IS group

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Who is Sajida al-Rishawi, the Iraqi woman IS group wants released?

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Latest update : 2011-07-27

Estranged father of alleged Norwegian gunman 'shocked' and living in France

MEDIAWATCH FRANCE, Mon., 25/07/11: The estranged father of the Norwegian shooting suspect turns up in France while French politicians exploit a backlash against the right-wing; thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses gather north of Paris, "pepped" up by a human rights ruling in their favour; and was it a bird, was it a plane, or was it a UFO? No, it was a meteorite bursting over Brittany.

By Rebecca BOWRING



2015-01-27 Holocaust

Auschwitz, 70 years on

70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, world leaders gather at the concentration camp in remembrance. We take a look at the online coverage.

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2015-01-26 Syriza party

Far-left and far-right celebrate Syriza's victory

We take a look at online reactions to the victory of far-left party Syriza in Greek elections. Also, world leaders such as Christine Lagarde and David Cameron are pilloried...

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2015-01-23 King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Twitter storm as IMF boss hails late Saudi king as 'strong advocate of women'

We look at reaction to Christine Lagarde's comment that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was "in a very discreet way a strong advocate of women". People lambasted the IMF boss...

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2015-01-22 apartheid

Sarkozy criticises Valls for use of term 'social apartheid'

On Tuesday, the French Prime Minister said the country's recent terrorist attacks exposed a "geographical, social and ethnic apartheid" in the society. Nicolas Sarkozy called the...

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2015-01-21 apartheid

'Apartheid' in France: Valls's words cause controversy

First up in this evening's Mediawatch, we look at reaction to the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls's use of the word "apartheid" to describe French social and ethnic divisions....

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