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Paris: A nightlife in limbo?

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Video: 40 years on, Franco's ghost still haunts Spain

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#TECH 24

'Life as a cyborg' with Angel Giuffria

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Video: Can love finally beat the caste system in Senegal?

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Saimir Pirgu, a leading tenor mentored by Pavarotti and Domingo

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#THE 51%

Feminist icons and young female Democrats clash over Hillary Clinton

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The Perche region: The art of peasantry

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Forbidden love in Senegal: Khady and Massamba's caste struggle

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The 'Académie française': Guard dog of the French language

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Latest update : 2011-07-27

Estranged father of alleged Norwegian gunman 'shocked' and living in France

MEDIAWATCH FRANCE, Mon., 25/07/11: The estranged father of the Norwegian shooting suspect turns up in France while French politicians exploit a backlash against the right-wing; thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses gather north of Paris, "pepped" up by a human rights ruling in their favour; and was it a bird, was it a plane, or was it a UFO? No, it was a meteorite bursting over Brittany.

By Rebecca BOWRING



2016-02-11 François Hollande

Hollande reshuffle in online buzz

We take a look at online reactions to François Hollande's cabinet reshuffle.

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2016-02-10 Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders fires up the grass roots

Young Democratic voters are "feeling the Bern" and flocking to Bernie Sanders' anti-establishment candidacy. We take a look at media coverage of his victory over Hillary Clinton...

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2016-02-09 constitution

French MPs slammed for staying away from emergency powers reform vote

Three-quarters of French MPs did not turn up for a crucial parliamentary vote yesterday, the first in a series of votes as the government tries to enshrine controversial...

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2016-02-08 Angela Merkel

Merkel's Migrant Conundrum

MediaWatch takes a look at how the migrant crisis is affecting the German chancellor's popularity. Angela Merkel has seen her ratings fall by almost 20 percent in the last year....

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2016-02-08 Beyonce

Beyoncé's Black Power Message

MediaWatch casts an eye over the Super Bowl half-time show that's got everyone talking. Beyoncé sends out an unequivocal political message and it could usher in a new era for the...

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