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#THE 51%

Harmful for your health: When gender bias affects medical diagnosis

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Africa’s donkeys slaughtered for Chinese ‘miracle elixir’

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Pashtun Protection Movement speaks up against extrajudicial killings

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Haute Couture, summer 2018: Julien Fournié finds inspiration in Asia

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Total immersion: Klimt's luminous paintings come to life in new art space

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#THE 51%

For her pleasure: Is 'feminist porn' a contradiction?

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Paris Saint-Germain football club opens new hub in Shanghai

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'Europe has become the world’s largest exporter of ivory'

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A reflection of our times: More women, more young people in Time 100 list for 2018

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Latest update : 2011-08-01

Drunken wanderings in Paris's maze of bones

MEDIAWATCH, Fri., 29/07/11: As investigators publish their third report on the Air France Rio-Paris crash, some wonder why we still use black boxes in the internet age; we also discover allegations of drug-trafficking policemen on the island of Mayotte, while YouTube saves the face of a French TV presenter and thrill-seekers get more than they bargained for - lost in the catacombs of Paris.



2018-04-19 Emmanuel Macron

Macron makes Time 100 list as France revolts

Emmanuel Macron makes the Time 100 list of the most influential people of 2018. It comes as the challenge to impress at home is tougher than ever, with strikes taking place...

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2018-04-18 Cuba

Fakes, lies and videotape

As Cuba prepares for a new president, without the Castro name, many are asking if it will bring any real change to the country. Plus, the fake video that makes you question the...

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2018-04-17 Emmanuel Macron

Macron proposes European 'citizen consultations' and warns of 'civil war'

The French president has addressed the European Parliament over growing divisions in Europe, saying citizen consultations are the way forward in a bid to reconnect Europeans with...

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2018-04-16 China

Prime-time interview of Macron breaks all the codes

Two interviewers, known for their tough and uncompromising style, grilled Emmanuel Macron yesterday for around three hours. The French president received lots of praise for his...

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2018-04-13 Paris attacks (Nov. 13)

Comey's book gets stormy reception

A French newspaper courts controversy by printing a lengthy feature on the so-called "ISIS Landlord". Jawad Bendaoud rented a flat to two of the terrorists who targeted Paris in...

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