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The battle against illegal fishing in West Africa

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Trump has already quit the Paris climate deal - just not publicly

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#TECH 24

The Ice Memory Project: A treasure trove for future scientists

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Cannes 2017: Stars dig deep at AIDS gala dinner

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French fashion designer Jacquemus declares his love for Marseille

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A piece of work: New French government braces for labour law reform

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#THE 51%

Ridding workplaces of sexism: What companies can do to banish outdated attitudes

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Exclusive: Inside the battle for Mosul, chaos on the ground

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The Marais district, the beating heart of Paris

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Latest update : 2011-09-22

Michel Houellebecq has NOT been captured by al Qaeda

MEDIAWATCH FRANCE, Fri. 16/9/2011. Michel Houellebecq has been located, alive and well in Spain and not in the hands of terrorists; Dominique Strauss-Kahn admits he wanted to kiss Tristane Banon; analysis of the first Socialist primaries debate and that handshake between Ségolène Royal and François Hollande; and finally, a steamy teachers' calendar to draw attention to cutbacks.




2017-05-25 Donald Trump

Trump's Handshake Showdown

MediaWatch takes a look at the battle of the handshakes that took place in Brussels today. French President Emmanuel Macron set out to prove he's no pushover during his first...

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2017-05-24 Donald Trump

A frosty Vatican reception?

We cast an eye over reactions to Donald Trump's much-anticipated meeting with the Pope. But first, we take a look at the UK's stoic - and even comedic - attitude as the country's...

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2017-05-23 Manchester arena attack

Manchester, United

MediaWatch takes a look at the many reactions online to Monday’s terror attack in Manchester. For many, it seems the Mancunian spirit will overcome evil and division. But as...

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2017-05-22 Donald Trump

Trump's visit to Israel in key images

We take a look at some key images from Donald Trump's visit to Israel - not all of them flattering for the US president. Also, TV presenter Cyril Hanouna has become the most...

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2017-05-19 Saudi Arabia

Saudi authorities to serve Trump 'steak and ketchup' on first official visit

In today's show, we look at how Saudi Arabia is rolling out the red carpet for Donald Trump's first foreign trip as US president. Meanwhile, Trump has been railing that a...

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