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Media response to Ottawa shooting

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Canada's jihadists : country in shock after spate of attacks (part 2)

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Canada's jihadists : country in shock after spate of attacks

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Religious education claims bigger role in curriculum

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Daniele Balice, Co-founder of the gallery 'Balice Hertling'

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Burkina Faso: Government seeks referendum

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All the fun of the FIAC: Contemporary art fair rolls into town

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Whistleblower James Wasserstrom slams UN over its failure to fight corruption

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New garden concepts

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2011-10-28

Eurozone deal: a boon for Sarkozy?

It took a good old all-nighter, but European leaders in the end hatched a deal to salvage Greece, the euro and maybe their own political fate. For Nicolas Sarkozy and his peers, the deepening crisis has indeed become an obsession and has eroded their popularity. But it also poses major challenges to those seeking to unseat them, starting with the Socialist Party here in France.

Marc Perelman interviews Jean-Marc Gonin, senior writer at Le Figaro Magazine, and Philip Turle, journalist at RFI. 



2014-10-21 French politics

François Hollande: The mid-term blues

French President François Hollande is reaching mid-mandate with very little to celebrate. He is, by far, the most unpopular president in modern times and the vast majority of his...

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2014-10-14 France

Unemployment benefit: Is France too generous?

Should job seekers have less benefits? For years, merely asking that question was a taboo for the left. But in the space of a few days, both the Prime Minister and the Minister...

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2014-10-07 French politics

Nicolas Sarkozy: The impossible comeback?

He certainly did not expect his political comeback to be a walk in the park. But former French president Nicolas Sarkozy probably did not imagine that his conservative rivals...

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2014-09-30 François Hollande

French Senate election: A new blow for Hollande

For the third time this year, the ruling Socialists have been shown a red card by the French electorate. Last Sunday, they lost their majority in the Senate, which is now...

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2014-09-23 French politics

Nicolas Sarkozy's comeback: A new beginning?

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is back! After releasing a long statement on his Facebook page, he gave a 45-minute-long interview on national television to explain why...

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