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Christian Kastrop, Director of Policy Studies, OECD

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Latest update : 2011-11-03

USA: campaign videos for the presidential election go viral

Campaign videos for the US presidential elections go viral. French web users launch a campaign against Cora supermarkets. And a banker denounces the global financial system in a song…

USA: campaign videos for the presidential election go viral

The governor for Texas, Rick Perry, in high spirits at an event in New Hampshire last Friday; In fact he was in such a good mood some wondered if the Republican nomination candidate was under the influence of alcohol when he gave his speech. This video has been viewed over 750 000 times in just a few days and is the latest campaign video for the US Presidential election to go viral.

All of the Republican candidates have turned to the web as part of their campaign strategy. Business man Herman Cain released this video clip online recently and it has caused a commotion. We see his campaign director Mark Block smoking a cigarette while the anthem for the ultra-conservative Tea Party “I am America” plays in the background. Is it provocation or quite simply a subliminal message to the nation’s smokers? The video has been interpreted in all sorts of ways and has already inspired a multitude of parodies.

Among the most popular spoofs is the video made by the daughters of Jon Huntsman, who is the governor of Utah and another candidate for the Republican nomination. It shows the three sisters blowing bubbles at the camera, instead of smoke.

Barack Obama relied heavily on the Internet for his presidential campaign and ever since he was elected, viral videos have become an integral part of political communication strategy.

But does this mark the end of the traditional televised campaign ads? Political science professor Ken Goldstein does not think so. He says although online videos are a great way to mobilize supporters; they are less effective in winning over undecided voters.


French web users launch campaign against Cora supermarkets

Supermarket and hypermarket chain Cora has once again incurred the wrath of French web users. It all began last week when a local newspaper reported on the case of Anne-Marie, a cashier in a Cora supermarket in the Moselle region in eastern France, who was facing dismissal for apparently taking a receipt left by a customer that had a discount voucher for a fast food restaurant; the young mother wanted to treat her son. The story sparked outrage amongst web users in France, who flooded social networks with hundreds of comments criticizing the company’s actions.

The company responded to the public outcry almost immediately by posting an announcement on its Facebook page to say it had decided to discontinue the procedure for dismissal against the supermarket employee. This weekend the company tried to undo some of the damage to its reputation by uploading this video on to the Internet. It is quite clearly a low budget video clip and shows Cora employees saying how great it is to work for the hypermarket chain.

But the video did not have the desired effect. Hundreds of messages have been posted on the official Cora Facebook page, criticizing the online video, describing it as an outdated propaganda campaign. Many social networkers have been saying it has only made matters worse, and does not make people forget the company’s behavior towards Anne-Marie.

And so web users seem more determined than ever to maintain pressure on the company. Many believe it should pay dearly for its actions and are calling for a boycott of Cora products.


Hollywood actors want to hide their age

Divulging an actor’s age on the Internet could soon be outlawed in Hollywood. The all-powerful American labour union, the Screen Actors Guild which represents film and television performers, has issued a statement saying publishing an actor’s date of birth on online databases could facilitate age discrimination in employment. This announcement comes after a Texan actress filed a million dollar lawsuit against Amazon and its Internet Movie Database IMDb for revealing her age without her consent.


Now trending on social networks

Satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo has become one of the most popular trending topics on social networks after its headquarters were petrol bombed in the early hours of Wednesday morning. There have been no reports of injuries, and it is thought the attack could have something to do with the weekly renaming itself “Charia Hebdo” for this week’s publication and naming the Prophet Muhammad as its editor in chief for this particular issue. There has been widespread reaction to the attack on the web, both from political figures and also ordinary citizens who have expressed their outrage and voiced their commitment to freedom of the press.

Video of the day

Gorka Cruz is a Swiss banker and in this video clip he is calling for big changes in the global financial system. The song’s called “Global Economy” and describes how the economy is about to crash and how it’s time to create a healthy financial culture. This is his way of supporting the “Occupy” movement and the regular demonstrations against the global financial system which have been taking place in cities all over the world over the past few weeks.



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