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The future of agriculture

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Yalta, the symbol of a new Cold War?

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#THE 51%

Women in the workforce: IMF says closing the gender gap makes economic sense

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Taryn Simon, the hottest property in art photography

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Qatar's unofficial motto: To attract at all costs

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Cognac, 'liquor of the gods'

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Airbus flying high as profits soar

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Pakistani Taliban set their sights on police

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Are Airbnb and Uber creating a 'black economy'? (part 2)

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2011-12-12

L'Oréal scandal: spying on journalists?

One of France's top public prosecutors is facing possible indictment for illegal spying on journalists. Meanwhile, the never-ending European drama keeps going with yet another crucial EU meeting in Brussels, and tensions emerge in France over the ties that bind with Germany.

  • Jean-Marc GONIN, Senior Writer, Le Figaro Magazine;
  • Philip TURLE, Journalist, RFI.




2015-02-24 terrorism

Tension flare between France's Jewish and Muslim umbrella groups over Islamic terrorism

This year's annual dinner of France's Jewish umbrella organisation was supposed to show that France was united in the wake of January's deadly terrorist attacks. Instead, it...

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2015-02-17 French politics

France's war with radical Islam: Govt tries to distance itself from far-right

How do you fight Islamist terrorism without espousing the vocabulary of the far-right? This is precisely the situation France's ruling Socialists find themselves in. On the one...

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2015-02-10 French politics

French politics: who can stop the National Front?

The by-election that has transfixed France last Sunday ended with a razor-thin difference of 863 votes between the socialist winner and his National Front rival. The socialists...

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2015-02-03 French elections

The rise of the National Front: A headache for the mainstream parties

The first round of a by-election in eastern France has become a national litmus test for the mainstream political parties. With the far-right National Front candidate coming out...

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2015-01-28 France

Greek elections: A domino effect in France?

After the resounding victory of the far-left Syriza party in Greece last Sunday, French politicians of all stripes are eager to ride the coattails of Alexis Tsipras, the new...

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