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Art rocks and shocks Paris

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#TECH 24

Samsung's Gear VR Reviewed

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#TECH 24

How to become a Cyborg

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Paris rediscovers Picasso

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#THE 51%

Should freezing your eggs be a company benefit?

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Norway: Utoya massacre survivors still seeking answers

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Tunisia clashes: Police exchange fire with armed terrorists near capital

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Ukraine's crippled elections

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Manuel Valls and the 'art of putting one's foot in one's mouth'

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2011-12-12

L'Oréal scandal: spying on journalists?

One of France's top public prosecutors is facing possible indictment for illegal spying on journalists. Meanwhile, the never-ending European drama keeps going with yet another crucial EU meeting in Brussels, and tensions emerge in France over the ties that bind with Germany.

  • Jean-Marc GONIN, Senior Writer, Le Figaro Magazine;
  • Philip TURLE, Journalist, RFI.




2014-10-21 French politics

François Hollande: The mid-term blues

French President François Hollande is reaching mid-mandate with very little to celebrate. He is, by far, the most unpopular president in modern times and the vast majority of his...

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2014-10-14 France

Unemployment benefit: Is France too generous?

Should job seekers have less benefits? For years, merely asking that question was a taboo for the left. But in the space of a few days, both the Prime Minister and the Minister...

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2014-10-07 French politics

Nicolas Sarkozy: The impossible comeback?

He certainly did not expect his political comeback to be a walk in the park. But former French president Nicolas Sarkozy probably did not imagine that his conservative rivals...

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2014-09-30 François Hollande

French Senate election: A new blow for Hollande

For the third time this year, the ruling Socialists have been shown a red card by the French electorate. Last Sunday, they lost their majority in the Senate, which is now...

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2014-09-23 French politics

Nicolas Sarkozy's comeback: A new beginning?

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is back! After releasing a long statement on his Facebook page, he gave a 45-minute-long interview on national television to explain why...

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