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Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro accusé de tuer les étudiants

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Compromise buys Greece time and Jihadi John is unmasked (part 2)

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Compromise buys Greece time and Jihadi John is unmasked (part 1)

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#TECH 24

Drone vs. drone

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The future of agriculture

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Yalta, the symbol of a new Cold War?

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Latest update : 2011-12-13

Palestinian protester’s death sparks clashes in the West Bank

Today on the net, Online reports of the revival of tensions in the West Bank following the death of a Palestinian protester. The ongoing demonstrations in Bahrain with protesters calling for political reforms. And the French Prime Minister, François Fillon exposed on Twitter.

Palestinian protester’s death sparks clashes in the West Bank

Mustapha Tamimi, the latest person to have died for the Palestinian cause. Hundreds voiced their anger at the 28 year old activist’s funeral on Sunday; he was fatally wounded two days earlier by a tear gas canister fired by the Israeli army during a protest in Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

The village hosts weekly demonstrations against the extension of a neighbouring Jewish colony, and it is not uncommon for clashes to erupt between the Israel Defense Forces and the residents and pro-Palestinian activists taking part in the protests.

Israel activist Haim Schwarczenberg was at this particular demonstration, and posted these photos online, taken at the moment Mustapha Tamimi was hit in the face by a tear gas projectile, as he was throwing stones at the vehicle from which the canister was fired. He died from his injuries in hospital several hours later.

Other witnesses like Linah Alsaafin claim the officer deliberately aimed at the protester. And as Israeli NGO B'tselem reminds us, this is strictly against army regulations.

And so an enquiry has been launched and a number of Israeli soldiers have taken to Twitter in response to the outrage triggered by Mustapha Tamimi’s death. Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich has posted this photo of the deceased activist’s catapult, adding the demonstration was both violent and illegal.

Major Peter Lerner has used the word "fail" to describe the activist’s behavior. In Internet jargon the fail tag is used to denote severe stupidity and many web users are shocked by this choice of vocabulary; they feel it also reflects the Israeli army’s indifference over the death of a Palestinian.


Protests continue in Bahrain

The anti-government protests continue in Bahrain, with demonstrators calling for political reforms, and this despite the authorities’ brutal crackdown over the past few months. This fight for freedom is being widely relayed on the web.

As we can see in this amateur video footage, hundreds of people gathered infront of the Employment Ministry in the capital Manama on Sunday. Their stated aim was to protest peacefully against the recent sacking of 2 500 state workers for taking part in anti-regime rallies. Some of them, like these two demonstrators who spoke to New York Times journalist, Nick Kristof, were apparently fired for allegedly posting critical comments about the authorities on Facebook.

And regime opponents are intent on taking matters further; calls to follow the “Occupy” movement’s example are multiplying on social networks. This Twitter feed suggests the next rally will be taking place around the “Budaya” motorway which crosses the capital. Protesters are being asked to attend this mass rally from the 13th to the 16th of December; in order to send out a clear message to the authorities.

The extensive campaigning online is not going down well with the government, and there have been numerous reports of arbitrary arrests and protesters being tortured. One cyber activist who uses the pseudonym Nezrad was detained for 66 days for posting anti-government comments on Twitter. He shared his ordeal on social networks explaining he and his cellmates endured particularly brutal interrogations and physical abuse.

Website offers glimpse of North Korean TV

Programs from North Korea’s state television streamed on the Internet; this site is run from Seoul by a former North Korean soldier who had defected from the army. He wants to show South Koreans what life is really like on the other side of the border, in the event of reunification. And although disseminating North Korean propaganda is an offence punishable by imprisonment in South Korea, this site appears to be tolerated by the authorities.


Now trending on social networks

One web user recently discovered @fdebeauce was the Twitter name used by French Prime Minister François Fillon, and it’s caused a stir among social networkers in France. The PM has confirmed this is indeed his pseudonym, and although he does not use Twitter regularly, other users are intrigued. Many have been wondering why he decided to remain anonymous; some think François Fillon thought it would be a good way of monitoring his Ministers and spying on his political opponents.


Video of the day

The ‘Flyboard’ is a rather interesting invention and is likely to go down well with thrill seekers. It was created by French company Zapata Racing and consists of a machine that makes you move more quickly through water, but above all fly up into the air when you reach the surface. This incredible machine is powered by Jet Ski turbines, and for all those lucky enough to try it: adrenaline rush guaranteed.

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