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#TECH 24

COP21: How technology fights climate change

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Burkina Faso gears up for crunch presidential elections

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#THE 51%

Standing up against violence

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Cutting the cash flow: How governments are tackling terror financing

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Thirteen years after Bali bombings, tourists return but painful memories remain

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Journey to Antarctica, a continent under threat

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Paris is a celebration: Hemingway’s memoir flies off the shelves

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Retailers eager to cash in as Black Friday kicks off

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A show from Brussels with two MEPs facing off and an interview with a European leader. Produced in partnership with the European Parliament. Saturday at 12.10 pm.



Latest update : 2012-01-04

Joachim Bitterlich, Former Foreign and Security Policy Advisor to Helmut Kohl

2011 was an "annus horribilus" for Europe. The eurozone debt crisis has shaken the very foundations of the European Union. But during this period, Germany has taken centre stage for its attempts to resolve the crisis. We look back at 2011 with Joachim Bitterlich, Former Foreign and Security Policy Advisor to Helmut Kohl.

Show prepared by Marie Billon and Domitille Blanc



2015-11-20 terrorism

EU counter-terror chief warns against 'mixing up' refugees and terrorists

One week after the Paris attacks, Gilles de Kerchove, the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, gave an interview to FRANCE 24’s Eve Irvine. He is not convinced that terrorists are...

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2015-11-20 Islamic State (IS) group

Paris attacks: Is Europe safe?

Since the Paris attacks, Belgium has come in for criticism for not sharing enough information on terrorist activities. How can intelligence-sharing be reinforced between the 28...

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2015-11-19 immigration

IOM head: 'Europe cannot stop migrant arrivals, and shouldn't'

Europe is currently facing the largest movement of people in recorded history. William Lacy Swing, director of the International Organization for Migration, says Europe "cannot...

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2015-11-17 Africa

Africa-Europe: The politics of migration

While Western eyes have recently focused on the east and arrivals from Syria and Afghanistan, people from a dozen or so African countries continue to gather along the continent's...

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2015-11-07 Cyprus

Foreign Minister of Northern Cyprus expresses 'hope' on reunification

The island of Cyprus has been divided for over 40 years, with its south a Greek-speaking EU member and its north a breakaway province that Turkey sees as a separate state. Emine...

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