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Video: Alongside migrants near Hungary’s razor wire fence

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The Elysée palace backstage

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#TECH 24

The latest in fitness trackers and TaxiJet’s arrival in Abidjan

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The use of 'mapping-tracking' in fashion

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#THE 51%

Sex and politics: How gender is becoming a hot button issue in the US presidential election

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Berry, the countryside that inspired George Sand

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Drone photography: A sky full of cameras

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Fascists, patriots, ultra-nationalists, revolutionaries: The many faces of Ukraine's 'Right Sector'

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Aylan Kurdi: A tragic symbol of the migrant crisis

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A debate on the latest developments in French politics with two Paris-based journalists. Every Tuesday at 4.45 pm Paris time.



Latest update : 2012-01-06

Sarkozy vs Hollande: a feisty New Year

The New Year - an election year, of course - has kicked off with tension between Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande. According to newspaper Le Parisien, Hollande branded Sarkozy a "sale mec", which roughly translates as a nasty guy. Hollande says he had put himself in Sarkozy's shoes to say: "I'm a president who has failed for five years, I'm a nasty piece of work, but re-elect me because in these hard times, I am the only one who can do it."

On the set:

  • Philip Turle, journalist, RFI;
  • Jean-Marc Gonin, senior writer, Le Figaro Magazine.




2015-09-01 Europe

How Europe’s migrant crisis became a political battle

Like the rest of Europe, France is struggling to cope with the migrant crisis. The socialist government is trying to deal with the influx of refugees from the Middle East and...

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2015-07-07 Greece

Greek 'No' vote: A godsend to the far-left and far-right parties

All eyes have been on Greece for the last few days. The drama of last weekend’s "no" vote in the Greek referendum has prompted very different reactions on the French political...

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2015-06-30 terrorism

French terror attacks: A 'war of civilization'?

France is once again reeling from a terrorist attack, or so it seems. A 35-year-old man has been charged with terrorism for decapitating his boss and trying to ram a car full of...

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2015-06-23 France

2024 Olympic bid strategy: French politicians take a back seat

Will Paris finally get to host the Olympics? The French capital has now officially entered the race to organise the 2024 edition and politicians have vowed to let sports stars do...

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2015-06-16 France

Islam in France: A new start with the Muslim community?

The French government has convened a new umbrella group of Muslim representatives in order to address the daily life of the five million Muslims in France and the ever-touchy...

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